Gearing Up

Hello, Readers! I'm so excited for what is coming up next. I can feel the story coming together and have laid out a good portion of the work now. I've also experienced that lag in energy that comes where I... Continue Reading →

A Late Start

Hello, Readers! This is going to be a short post again as I've been off to a late start. My body is taking much longer to recoup from FanX. I've slept extremely restless the last few nights and my dreams... Continue Reading →

The Excitement Brews

Hello, Readers!   It was an amazingly great weekend over here with FanX. The hubby man had a blast meeting Weird Al. I do believe that was the only highlight he found in the whole thing. We did find some... Continue Reading →

Fan X 17 and my take

Hello, Readers! I spent Friday and Saturday at our local FanX in Salt Lake City. I was super excited to be going because I'd purchased my husband a photo opportunity with one of his musical idols. As a side note,... Continue Reading →

Camden’s Journey

Hello, Readers! I have had the great fortune to meet many great authors throughout my journey. One of my absolutely favorite series of novels is written by someone I'm very fortunate to call my friend. Which while seems a little... Continue Reading →

Malevolent Mind Release Day!!

Hello, Readers!! Today is release day for Malevolent Mind. I'd be absolutely lying if I didn't say I'm so excited about this. Haha. In celebration for such a huge step for me, we're going to host games with prizes right... Continue Reading →

Release Day Tomorrow!

Hello, Readers! I can't believe tomorrow will see the release of Malevolent Mind! I'm absolutely excited about it. Yesterday the paperback proof copy showed up so that I could go over it to approve that part of the release as... Continue Reading →

The Mind Whirls

Hello, Readers! I have kept a sense of the general plot and have decided to do some sort of hybrid of plotting and pantsing for these novels. While I will continue to keep notes as I go along and have... Continue Reading →

Too Much Plotting

Hello, Readers! I have to admit that this weekend I spent scrubbing my house and decorating it so that it was an environment both my hubby and I were comfortable in. During that time, though, it left me little time... Continue Reading →

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