Writing Down a Schedule

Hello, Readers! By this point, you're well aware of the Writer's Boot Camp that I'm working on. There comes a point during this that it hands you a blank one month schedule and says fill this out on what you... Continue Reading →

Another Day in the Writer’s Boot Camp

Hello, Readers! As I go through the Writer's Boot Camp I've found some days are easier to accomplish than others. It isn't a matter of getting up early enough. Surprisingly I haven't had a problem with the rising early enough... Continue Reading →

Early Mornings, Tea, and Writing

Hello, Readers! You may have read about the Writer's Boot Camp set my husband bought me from Barnes and Noble. I was reading through that day's 'workout' and I've come to realize that I spend far too much time in... Continue Reading →

Writer’s Boot Camp and Restarting

Hello, Readers! What a weekend we had here in this house. As some of you may know it was father's day here in America on Sunday. In our true tradition, we spent the whole weekend celebrating my husband. Saturday, I... Continue Reading →

Finding Balance in Chaos

Hello, Readers! As many of you have read my life exists in a perpetual state of chaos anymore. There was once a time where I thought I knew what chaos was. Boy was I sadly mistaken. Most days I have... Continue Reading →

The birth of the baby and NICU trips

Hello, Readers! I know I've been gone awhile. The baby came on the 29th of May. He was struggling to breathe so they sent him to the NICU where he has remained since. While his breathing has gotten better and... Continue Reading →

Busy Days and Procrastination

Hello, Readers! Wow, it's the end of the school year and things are wrapping up. Yesterday I got to watch my son graduate high school. I couldn't be more proud of him. Along with that, my youngest received awards from... Continue Reading →

Routines are Slipping into Place

Hello, Readers! It's been a week now that I've finally started to feel like we are all getting on a routine. While I have a few things this week to tidy up for the end of the year, we are... Continue Reading →

Creativity is a Faucet

Hello, Readers! This is a saying I've heard over and over again. That creativity doesn't flow until you start working and continue working on them. While I'm not one that believes you need to write every single day, I do... Continue Reading →

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