2018, February

Folklore, mythology, and the likes.

Hello, Readers! I have always had a deep fascination with older types of storytelling. They were some of my favorite parts of the courses from my schooling. I won't claim to be a stellar student. In fact, my teachers would probably all agree that I was a horrible student until these subjects came up in the… Continue reading Folklore, mythology, and the likes.

2018, February

One year, five year, and ten year plans

Hello, Readers! I totally missed my Friday blog post. As I've had problems motivating myself to sit down and write these posts ahead of time, it makes it hard on days when I'm actually busy to squeeze them in. That was completely my fault. Last Friday was my daughter's science fair at the college among… Continue reading One year, five year, and ten year plans

2018, February

A Mix of Methods

Hello, Readers! Happy Valentine's Day for some or happy single awareness for others as my daughters put it. As most of you know I've been exploring and trying to find myself. That does include my writing career that has been on the brink of me quitting for a long time now. It's taken me a… Continue reading A Mix of Methods

2018, February

My Eyes on the Prize

Hello, Readers! Many of you will notice that I've been in a fairly negative headspace. Even for my blog posts, which I try to keep mainly positive, but truthful. My job here isn't to drag people down because I feel down, but to hopefully inspire, and to connect with those that read my blog. I… Continue reading My Eyes on the Prize

2018, February

This is a Week of Being Pensive

Hello, Readers! Sorry for not including the Marketing for Romance Writers prompt here this week, but I had something I considered to be an important topic for me to get out. I suffer from anxiety, which most of you may know from my posts. Often times it really takes a toll on my life, from… Continue reading This is a Week of Being Pensive

2018, February

Duck Pond and Long Conversations

Hello, Readers! Due to the fact I don't have a book to review every Wednesday, I think I'll toss those into the mix when I have one ready to go. While I don't know what I'll officially fill this day in with, I do have something for today. Maybe I will fill it in with… Continue reading Duck Pond and Long Conversations

2018, February

Just One? #MFRW Week 5

Hello, Readers! That is right, we're back for another Marketing for Romance Writers Blog Challenge. This weeks blog challenge is difficult for me. They want to know, 'A book that has influenced my life'. I thought about ones that pushed me to be a writer. Stephen King's It, Harry Potter series, books by Mercedes Lackey, Ann Rice,… Continue reading Just One? #MFRW Week 5

2018, January

Celebration of Firsts and a Review

Hello, Readers! First, let me just start this blog post by saying today is a huge day for me. Six years ago on this very day, I released my first novel, Creatures of the Damned. While I do not remain as wildly in love with this novel as I had been then, I still see… Continue reading Celebration of Firsts and a Review