2016 · February

The Weekend Fun

Hello, Readers!

I just wanted to drop in and give you a quick report on the challenge that The Hubby Man has given me and where I’m at.

Friday was a very productive day for him. After he issued his challenge of 33,000 words by the 11th of this month.

This is where I was sitting as of our conversation yesterday, the 4th…14,188 words.

As of the time I’m logging off work on Friday the 5th, I’m sitting pretty at 20,060 words. I should have reached the goal of 33,000 by the end of this weekend at the rate that I’m working. However, I also know that I enjoy spending my weekends with The Hubby Man. I hate to work during that time, but the challenge has been laid before me so it may happen anyway. There is nothing I enjoy more than a good challenge, and he knows that.

Leave me a quick message, and tell me what your plans are for this weekend. Do you perform better with a challenge or without the pressure?

Remember… L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it)

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Fun

  1. I have pretty much laid around and listen to ebooks after my work hours though those were shorter than usual Good luck on your challenge you can do it.I think I get overwhelmed with challenges, my health is so sketchy i never know when i may be down for a day or so.

    1. Thank you, Cat. I completely understand that. We all need to take a step back, and notice what conditions we work better under. My hubby knows I work better under pressure, so he challenged me. It’s been fun to prove I could do it, more to myself than to him. He always knew I could, that I just need a little fire under my behind so to speak. Anyway, I ended last night as clicking up over that.

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