2016 · February

Second Draft Blues

Hello, Readers!

I actually had a whole other post in mind to write about today. One where I warned authors to be nice to other authors. That it’s hard enough to walk the journey that we are all walking without us constantly attacking each other. That it says little about the other author, but a whole lot about ourselves. No matter what genre, sub-genre, or any of it the other is working on, zip your lips. Think before you open your mouth. Bad mouthing one another doesn’t help your readership, it doesn’t make you look better, in fact…and I’m just saying here, you’re probably going to find that it’ll make you look like more of a horse behind.

However, I decided that it would end up a gigantic rant post beyond that. So, I thought I’d update you all instead on where I’m at in the whole process. I have since finished the first draft to my novel. I cruised through it once I put my nose to the grindstone. After going over it, I can see so many inconsistencies, which yay! No sarcasm meant there. It means I’m growing as an author, and that is something you always want to do.

Now that I can see these places, I know where I need to strengthen the novel. I know what needs fixing, and during this second draft I’m able to go back through, and deliver a stronger plot line, stronger characters, and more emotion.

I will be taking more time on this draft, and I know I still have at least three more passes of actual editing to look forward to as well. All in all it’s not moving quite as quickly as I’d hoped, but it’s still moving quicker than it has in the past.

This weekend is my huge date with The Hubby Man, so I doubt I will be on here much at all. I didn’t spend much time around him last weekend to push for the 33,000 goal he set me. I blew that out of the water by completing the first draft. Now, it’s time to take this weekend and celebrate the laughter and sarcasm that is Deadpool. I mean Valentine’s Day.

Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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