2016 · February

A quick drop in

Hello, Readers!

Normally I try to think up some valuable advice, or an interesting post. Today is one of those days where my brain refuses to work properly. It’s been an interesting couple of days where I’ve been busy plotting out the second draft to the novel.

I know some might not understand why I need to plot out the second when the first is written. I found almost all the way through the first draft that I didn’t enjoy the point of view in the first, and that when I hit the muddy middle, even with a plot, well…it went muddy. So, I’m writing out the second draft plot to include things that occurred to me while writing the first.

I polished that off yesterday, I’ve inputted it into Scrivener, and today will be starting the work for that. So, by the end of business today I should have at least a few chapters reworked on that.

With this weekend being such a big celebration for The Hubby Man and I there will probably be less posting, unless I can get my work done of scheduling posts ahead of time. First though, I need some go go juice. I’m feeling rather sluggish this morning.

L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it), my readers.

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