2016 · February

Love and Deadpool are in the air



Hello Readers!!

First off let me say the Deadpool movies was awesome! No spoilers, but his crude humor was hilarious. I’m one of those types though. Also, Happy Valentine’s Day as well.

Now, only the rest.

I informed everyone ahead of time, I’m not huge into Valentine’s Day. I’m not. I never have been. The Hubby Man shows me all year how much he loves me, so I don’t need that one day a year for him to do so. However, I am particularly addicted to the chocolate covered strawberries that he gets me every year. I suppose on that note I’ll suck up the holiday if he keeps bringing me home those. Haha.

Now, yesterday (Friday) he took me to dinner and the movie, which is a typical date night for us. Which I loved immensely. In fact, I wouldn’t mind going to see it again, which is completely weird for me as I don’t typically watch a movie several times in a row that close together. However, we decided on dinner in tonight (Saturday), and movies while cuddling up on the couch. Another equally favorite thing of mine. Tomorrow, we are going out to do something else, but probably will skip the whole fancy dinner out.

Since Sunday is the day where the big L word floats in the air, and everyone aims to do fancy dinners, far more romantic things than they do on normal days or generally just makes a big hoopla over the holiday I thought I’d share with you a piece from my Work In Progress. A horror novel that I am still keeping the title secret on. However, here is the piece to share with you.

Now keep in mind, I believe love itself comes in so many forms. I’m not talking about just the whole straight, LGBT type either. I am talking about even the love you can share with your pets, friends, children, parents, etc. There are so many forms of love that should be celebrated all year around.

So here is a small snippet, and a glimpse at love in my upcoming horror novel. © 2016 Misty Harvey

To this day, I consider the move from the big city out to the middle of nowhere one of the best decisions of my life.

The other one? Hands down, marrying my high school love and starting a family. Even after the years of watching her life deteriorate as cancer ate at her organs like a vile monster.

No, not even after all of that would I have given up the twelve years of blissful marriage we shared. Angela gave me the most precious gifts in the world – her love and a daughter named Kayla. As the time has moved on, Kayla has changed from the sweet pigtailed daughter that bounded through the house excited for life into a strong-willed young woman so much like her mother.

It was hard in the beginning to look at Kayla and see so much of my wife looking back at me. As time passes on though I quit seeing so much of my wife. Though her looks were definitely those of Angela, thank the heavens, her personality – now that was all me. Good or bad days, times when we butt heads more than we don’t, yes, she was all me wrapped in the cute package of her mother.

You can find other variations, and interpretations of love on some of my great friend’s pages as well.

Ellie Mack

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Cathy Brockman

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