2016 · February

Always Working

Hello Readers!!

I was going to write a post about Monday being the start of a new work week, but I’m rather one of those people that never stops working for long. I generally take maybe a day off every few weeks to decompress, though I usually tend to get at least some work done on those days. Rather all I do is write a blog post, or pop in on Facebook or Twitter to say hello, I’m always working. Often times my novels are running through my head while I work out details to those as well.

This Monday, marks the beginning of a week, but not of work. As you may have noticed if you read yesterday’s blog that I’ve started participating in a Snippet Sunday blog bounce. I have three amazing friends, and uplifting supporters that I share Snippet Sundays with. The entertaining bit is they write romance or fantasy of varying degrees. I write horror. It definitely gives you the chance to taste a lot of genre’s, and various artists.

As for my own writing I still sit on only 2 chapter written as of when I’m posting this, but I do intend to get a few more done before the day is out. My hubby and I have chosen to keep the actual holiday of Valentine’s in, so we did things on Friday and Saturday. He knows my hate for massive crowds, so it was quite considerate to rearrange it all like this.

Now, it’s time to continue work on my 2nd draft of the novel. I hope all of you can power through the Monday Blues, and accomplish your goals no matter their size.

Remember, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.


2 thoughts on “Always Working

  1. I too work every day. I guess that is a writer’s world even if I am not typing I am blogging or plotting in my head. You are a great support for me!

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