2016 · February

Things to Consider

Hello, Readers!

Let me tell you I have a lot on my mind today. I woke up in a bit of a huff this morning, anyway, and it’s taken me most of the day to clear my head enough not to just go on a tirade. Now, as you all know the hubby man took me to the planetarium on Saturday, but it’s what happened before we went there that is occupying my thoughts today.

He took me into one of the largest Barnes and Nobles that I have ever seen. Now, that isn’t to say there aren’t far larger, but considering my experience of Barnes and Nobles stores now ranks at two, I’d say this is the largest I’ve seen. Now, I walked out of there without purchasing anything. I know, I was shocked too, but that is where the experience happened. Not that I must have been a saint to not walk out with forty dollars in books that would be added to my TBR pile, and I’d get around to them eventually, but rather what I heard over the intercom when we went in there.

A local author was doing a book signing. I almost purchased his book just as a support your local artist bit, but I held back. I told The Hubby Man, he must have a great marketing plan or a great publisher. Barnes and Nobles will put Indie Author books out, or local artists, but their marketing plan has got to be phenomenal. I mean, why invest on someone that believes they’ve finished their job after hitting publish, right?

So I woke up today thinking about my own marketing plan. How was it? Did I even have a plan? Or did I have plans to do what so many other artists are doing? Throw it up on Facebook, and hope for the best. No, I’m not trying to insult anyone. Facebook has been a proven way to sell books, but at what point has it become so overfilled with authors pushing wares that readers spend most of their time scrolling by?

Now, I had to sit back and really think on this. I have a lot of author friends on my personal page. How many times have I scrolled past their book plugs because I’ve seen them all a thousand times before? Because I was sick of looking at them? Or because they just aren’t a genre I read, but I wanted to be supportive? It took a lot to be really honest with myself on this. I scroll by at least ten book posts in the first hour of being on Facebook. I share one in those ten posts, and I purchase one every few months.

So, if I, someone that is an author as well spend my time doing that. How many potential readers do the very same thing because Facebook has become a mass flood of authors pushing their novels? Now, that isn’t to say that Facebook doesn’t have its value. Few other social media sights allow you to interact with your readers. So, it’s to be said that keeping a Facebook page still contains its value, but not as a selling point or at least, not as the only selling point.

There are so many other social media sights now that will allow you to get news of your book out there as well, and to a degree interactions. Even Twitter has become one plug after another of buy my stuff. With all of that being said I needed to sit back, and think about other valuable way to market that maybe others haven’t thought about or would have a greater ability to reach my target audience. I’m still working on creating a great marketing plan for my upcoming novel, and trying out possible other venues of marketing abilities.

Do any of you have other ways you market? Do you feel the same about Facebook? Or do you think that Facebook still holds a lot of value as a book selling market? We can share our views and not be rude. So please respect others opinions here.

As always, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or why bother doing it at all?

2 thoughts on “Things to Consider

  1. Great post. I don’t have a marketing plan as of yet. Facebook has some value but as you said I think a lot of people scroll over those ads.

    i guess i need ot buckle down and create a plan as well. my problem is that i have no local venues to use.

    1. I have one, but I’m watching the way it pans out with another author there as the space tends to be quite pricey. Facebook definitely has value, but I’m not in the way most use it. It gives you those connections that are so important, and it can help with marketing, but not alone. It’s worth thinking outside of the normal box of flooding Facebook with Ads. How do you reach the readers that are anti-Facebook, and there are quite a few?

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