Hello Readers!

Often times you will find that writers have certain rituals that they go through before they are in the mood for writing. Some believe that smell sensory is the way to go. That just being exposed to certain smells automatically gets them in the mood to write. Other believe that being in the same location each day set them into that mood. Even some go as far as doing certain things before writing gets them in that zone.

I’m one where it doesn’t matter what you think gets you there, but that you get there. I have my own writing ritual type behavior. I write my blog post for that day or the next depending on if I don’t remain a day ahead or more. I check on Youtube to see if some of my writing vloggers have posted anything new. Some of my favorites are YA Word Nerds, Kellie Sheridan (She is one of the word nerds, but is currently doing a series on book building and her process, that is great), and this is one I’ve been following for a long while, Jenna Moreci.

After I watch all of these videos which usually is two or three on some days I feel pumped, and ready to work. If I don’t think I’m in the positive place I should be. I tend to watch a Stephen King speech or interview as he is funny, riveting, and inspiring to me. Once that is finished than I read a few paragraphs of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. The reason why I do this last is because of what purpose the book serves me other than just being a great read.

Most readers know that some books are more lyrical than others. There is a beat to the sentences that somehow subconsciously integrates in your brain as you read. A way that certain speech patterns translates into our lives such as our speech, or even our writing. ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ has the lyrical pulse that I believe my people would follow. While not as upper tempo as say ‘The Hobbit’, but not as slow as say ‘The color Purple’, I feel like ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ sits somewhere in the middle. It’s the pulses that I believe my characters would closely mirror. So I read a few paragraphs to get that sort of beat into my head, and then I try to closely emulate it while keep my character’s words true to them.

Now, these are the things that work for me, but may not necessarily work for you. That is okay, but sometimes it’s good to hear how other authors work to try out different things. On the first draft of this novel I took to listening to music while writing. One pieces was set to increase creativity, and the other piece was for emotions. Neither have words, or at least most of them do not. However, I’m writing back in first person on the second draft so I need to be in my head space more than ever so they do not work for me on this journey, but they still are both very good.

Do you have certain ‘rituals’ you have to go through to get you in the mood to do something?

Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.