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Snippet Sunday



Hello, Readers!

It’s that time of the week once again where you can sample a lot of varieties of stories from the lovely romance to fantasy, to horror. Before we get to the juicy goodness a brief update on the writing. I’m almost completely finished with the first part of the book. It should come in around 20,000 words or close to. I’ve struggled a lot this week with forcing myself to work. As I’m sitting just over 17k words right now on the document this is to be expected. Like I posted in an earlier entry that I struggle to get myself writing until about 20-30k marker, and then it takes off from there. As you can see, I’m to the point where hopefully the writing will come more frequently, and with higher outputs each day.

Now, onto the snippets.

Last week I shared with you a bit about William, his wife Angela, and his daughter Kayla. It was a great way to introduce you into William’s world, and mindset as you were able to jump right inside his head. This week I’ve chosen a piece that will greater delve into his thought patterns. So here is the snippet piece. Do remember these are all rough pieces and have only really been seen by my eyes so there is a chance for some errors.

My Horror Piece © Misty Harvey 2016

There like a hulking beast of my misery, my computer sat, dormant. Not a buzz or beep escaped the confines of the case, at least not until my finger brushed the power button bringing it to life. Something, anything, please Dear God, I’ll take a poem at this point. Do not give me one more day of nothing but staring at the screen.

At this point I was reduced to the thoughtless begging for something, anything to tickle my creative juices. So many times I’d found nothing, and so even just being in an environment that I had once felt so creatively inclined, felt more like a death sentence. It was a sad reminder, much like the rest of the house. The past that had once been so incredible lost to time now.

I sank into the high-backed computer chair swiveling it toward the window. My fingers poised together just under my nose. Inspiration, I needed to feel that zap of electricity and excitement that came with it. It had once been my constant companion, but now an enemy that I could not breach.

My screen came alive to my left. A loud beep and the buzz of life sprung to the computer. The last family picture we’d had taken lit up on the large computer monitor. There my girls, my life’s blood watched me fail them day in and day out.

Pushing my thoughts down I turned to the computer, clicking into my writing program. Maybe watching the cursor flash upon the white screen would bring something into my head. One blink. Two blinks. Three. Each flash of the black line threatened to drive me mad.

Something, I needed something to pour out of me. The last novel I had finished prior to my wife’s sickness had already been turned into my publisher and was due to be released. There was nothing left for me to dig out of the trenches to work on. Something, I needed something. A flicker of hope.

My fingers laid over the home row keys on my keyboard. Words, I needed words. I’d read over every article that could help someone through this, free write, take a walk, each had their own way of getting past a writer’s block. I did not have writers block. No, I had an uninspired block. If I could become inspired, I was sure I could write.

The soft click of my office door sounded. 

As a writer, some of us might understand this train of thought. I’ve been here many times myself. The thoughts can get fairly dark when we are in these times of uninspired nothingness. As for the other snippets for Sunday…

Skate on over to take a look at a hockey romance with V.L. Locey

Take the base for a glance at a sweet baseball romance with Cathy Brockman

Be wary of the Dragon Ships as you row on over to a Viking fantasy with Ellie Mack

As always my valiant readers, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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