2016 · February

Over that hump so to speak

Hello, Readers!

Some of you might think that is a pretty curious title for my blog. It is unless you follow along on the blog often. Most of the regular readers know that a huge hump for me when it comes to my writing tends to be from word marker 0 to somewhere in the 20-30k range. After having a weekend of the hubby man pushing me hard. I finally clicked up over that 25k mark.

It isn’t that the story is boring at all. It is more the meticulous method I have to work in to lay the groundwork that will make so much sense later on in the book.  That part of the method I have plotted this novel severely, this time, it still takes a lot of thought.

Most of the time I know when I’ve clicked over that part of the novel, and things will move much faster for me because a sense of excitement ensues, and it’ll be hard to keep up with my thoughts until the book comes to an end. I’ve also finally gotten an idea in my head of what I’m aiming for with my the cover of the novel. When I have the money I will be contacting my cover artist, T. E. Ridener at Double J Book Graphics to see if she has space to fit me in for a cover.

If you are in need of a cover I seriously think you should check her work out. Her prices are so reasonable, and her work is amazing.

As for writing, I sit at 26,224. I can already feel the next chapter calling me, so I know that I will, in fact, be moving much faster now. Now, time to delve back into work before I spend time with the hubby man.

L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

Until next time.

6 thoughts on “Over that hump so to speak

    1. Thanks :). I couldn’t imagine going to any other cover artist. I’ll probably be in touch in March to work out a cover. I can’t wait to see what you can do with this one. 🙂

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