2016 · February

Stress and Press

Hello, Readers!

I wanted to drop in and give you a quick update. I’m sitting over 30,000 words into this second draft. Which is a lot of work, however, yesterday I hit a wall where I just couldn’t continue on. I hated everything about the document, and overall nothing was what I wanted it to be.

Now, that actually had nothing to do with the actual book. It felt like it had at the time, but what I had hit was my mental breaking point. I have pushed myself so hard this month with only two days off prior, and my brain had enough of it. So instead of throwing out the novel, restarting the novel, or any other various options that ran through my head, and there were plenty.

Instead, I took a step back. I analyzed my mentality in those moments. I was stressed. I was tired, and I am working on getting a very nasty cold that comes with the weather changing back and forth so rapidly. Anyway, all in all, my mental condition in that state was not well.

Once I had that bit discovered I knew then what needed to happen. I closed down my word documents so that I did not make things worse in the end. I brewed up a nice cup of tea with honey to kind of soothe me, and I took a much needed mental day. This gave me the chance to recharge my batteries and do things that I hadn’t been allowing myself to accomplish during all this work. I watched shows, read, and played one of my video games.

Today, while I woke up with a headache, and I’m still sort of run down, I’m in a much better mental state so I’ll be able to push through the rest, and keep kicking out the words. Sometimes, no matter how excited we are to get to the end result we have to stop and breathe a bit. Now, it’s time for me to dig into work.

L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) my friends, or it isn’t worth doing.

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