2016 · February

Time for another Sunday Snippet




Hello, Readers!

It’s that time of the week once again.

As I bury myself into getting a lot of work done, I will leave you with this bit from my current WIP. I haven’t made it much further than the 30,000 mark, much to my dismay. So as the disappoint is always a thing to put me in a low place I will be working to fix that. I hope to come back on Monday with a great word count to show all of you and an inspirational blog post for you.

For now, though I leave you with this snippet. In it, William is learning just how rough the spotlight can be when you don’t step outside of your comfort zone. There is no way to expand as a writer if you aren’t always reaching for new things, and stretching your wings. He also receives a reminder of a past he’d rather stay buried. Please remember that this is unedited, and only seen by my eyes.

Here it is © Misty Harvey 2016:

Honestly, I can’t say that I expected to get nothing, but praise. That would have been a silly thought to cross my mind, but I hadn’t been expecting people to be tired of my books already. It was something I would have to look into more after this whole thing was over. If my readers were growing bored of my books I’d have to do something to change it up, or risk losing them.

“Okay, let’s go to you.” John pointed to the gentleman behind the microphone.

When the spotlight moved over to him so I could see him my stomach churned. Long hair hung down this man’s back in a stringy mess of gray knots. His beard and mustache combo covered his mouth from view and reached to almost the same length. Even the skin that was exposed looked filthy, and dirt ladened.

As the distance that we were apart the pale blue of his eyes might as well have been white. They were watery than most people’s. The mustache beard parted and his mouth opened.

“Mr. Hall-” He sneered. “-my question plays off hers. I know for a fact that you have a history that lies in some darker things. Why do you not tap into some of these experiences to write books that are actually scary? I can assure you that they’d be a lot better than the two-bit hack job you are doing to creature features. I’ve seen better writing on-”

“That’s enough.” Kayla jumped in. She held up her hand. “That is enough questions.”

“I’ve seen better writing on bathroom walls. Your father would be embarrassed by the masquerade you are making of the Hall name.” The man was screaming over the shoulders of the burly men escorting him out of the auditorium.

John cleared his throat. He sat forward in his seat. “I apologize, Mr. Hall. Some people have no right attending such events.”

Shaking. I was shaking. How could the negative impact of one man shake me to the core so much? It had to of been the mention of my father. The vile man that had turned to alcoholism and abuse to get through the remainder of his days. That had to of been the part that shook me. All things I’ve worked hard to suppress, of that I was sure.

My focus was on the carpet. The grains of it. The Dull roar of voices tickled at the back of my mind, but I paid little attention. Never had I been called out in public in such a way. There were always the critics, but not like this. Twice I’d been attacked, but the second left me far more shaken.

I needed time to think about it. There had to be a time where I could sort out my feelings before faced with fans, and critics alike out there at the signing booth. My legs were moving, and I watched the scenery pass in front of me. It was as if I was on the outside looking in on my own body.


As always I will include links to two of my romance author friends for you to sample some of their pieces. If it’s something you’re into slide into home with a baseball romance from my friend, Cat. Or even skate on over to a hockey romance from our good friend, Vicki as well. You can even row on over to check out Ellie’s fantasy novel.

Remember, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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