2016 · March

A Busy Day

Hello, Readers!

I’m just now getting around to writing up a blog post. That is a terrible thing for me as I tend to attack it early in the mornings. Only today I was up at 3 am, so instead I dug straight into work. On my word count, it’s been a productive day. At least, I thought it had been. It feels like a productive day, but when I look at my word count for the overall standing it isn’t quite as high as I thought it would be. My goal was to surpass the 40k mark, and currently, I sit just a little over the 37k mark.

Any normal day hitting that 3k before I called it a night would be no problem at all, but tonight I have a concert for my daughter so I lose an hour or so of work time. That’s okay, though, family comes first. She’s been working really hard on it all so I want to show her my support.

This is day two of having my bullet journal up and going, and I have to say it has allowed me to keep track of my schedule really well. While in some groups I’ve seen it used as more of a hobby, my dear friend Ellie and I use ours to keep track of our business and home life schedules, which can be quite chaotic on any given point. My daughter made hers with me, and she is quite enjoying hers as well.

I assure you that I plan on having more valuable input on the days that I post, but today has been a crazy schedule, and I just haven’t had a chance to settle in much to write a worthwhile piece. I’m sure I’ll work out some sort of theme type days like Snippet Sunday for you all to know exactly what type of post to expect on what day. Those are my plans here very soon, hopefully, I’ll get to that tomorrow.

As for right now it’s time to do another hour long sprint before dinner, and the concert. Remember, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

Until next time.

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