2016 · March

It’s A Monday!

Hello, Readers!

I will admit that this weekend I did not reach my goals I’d set for the week, which was to write 15k for the week. At first, I was downtrodden about the whole thing. After I let that pass, and I’d read a friend’s blog. Which you can find here. I’m okay with it. I still accomplished a lot in that week even if it all wasn’t on writing. I did a lot of research on different marketing tactics. I participated in my family life, and was able to see my daughter do a choir performance. Even after all of that I was able to fit in a girls night hang out with my sisters and my niece (who is practically a sister as well). On Sunday I woke up sick, running a fever and miserable. There was going to be no work that day either.

While all of this wasn’t productive in the sense of writing hours it gave me the chance to handle the more business end of writing, and recharge my batteries for this week. I still did manage 9,458 words for the week. I’ll take that. Sometimes things don’t work out quite as you have planned, and I know this week is going to be extremely busy as well with my daughter’s schedule.

I’d spent last week really down on myself for not accomplishing the things that I’d set up for myself. Honestly, in the past I’ve reached high word counts in a day. It is possible for me to do so. Only when I do the days after I spent criticizing myself for not reaching them every day. It creates a very negative environment for myself, and then I lose my want to write.

We will see what this week brings.

Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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