2016 · March

Don’t forget to recharge your batteries!

Hello, Readers! Happy Monday!

Now, when I tell you not to forget to recharge your batteries I’m not talking about laptops, and phones, though both of those can be quite helpful.

Sometimes you find yourself in a writing slump. You’re no longer feeling the story that you’re writing on, and the words just won’t come. Mostly you need to push through those things, but there comes a time when even that isn’t going to work.

I’ve been there over this last week. I wasn’t getting any sort of significant word count down. I’d write part of a chapter to come back the next day and throw it into my deleted parts file. My instinct by this point was telling me to rip it apart, and rewrite it once again.

Yes, there are serious fundamental issues with it. There will be tons of work in editing and another round of revisions that is going to need my attention. Still, the basis for the storyline would stay the same. I needed to keep pushing through to the end so I can fix the words I already have, right?

That was not cutting it for me. In fact, I found myself plotting out my next novel instead. I don’t mind that one bit as it has me ahead of the game if I decide to take on Camp Nano next month, or it has me on my way for the book after this one is finished.

This weekend was a way busy weekend for my family. The hubby man had warned me ahead of time that we wouldn’t be home often this weekend, and we were going out to spend quality time with our thirteen-year-old daughter.  The three of us have had massively busy, stressful weeks the last two or three of them. It was creating a snowball effect on our moods, and we were feeling really worn down from it all.

We needed a recharge. When our daughter got out of school we swooped her up, taking her to the planetarium for a few hours. Our thirteen-year-old daughter is a huge science nut so that part was really fun. We got to do a lot of fun things with her. On Saturday, we were adults though and took our dog to get his shots, and registered with the city. On Sunday, we took off to the aquarium to play there for the day.

We had a blast spending time the three of us, and this weekend was just what we needed. It gave us the ability to unwind from weeks upon weeks of things thrown at us. And while I woke up sick today, I still have accomplished a lot more than I was. I’m nearly finished with chapter 20 where I was stuck, and I’m feeling the book moving forward once more.

So, while you hear the thing writers write, this is not accurate. Eventually, the wells that we pull our creative energy from dry up, and we have to get out, and interact with the world to refill them. We’ve done just that, and now the three of us are ready to take on the next while with our fighting spirits. If you’re feeling in a slump take a day or weekend, and recharge your batteries. See if that gives you the umph you need to keep going.

Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing. Until next time.

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