2016 · March

Faster Results

Hello, Readers!

Happy Tuesday. I am late in posting this as usual, but that wasn’t to be helped. I had my grandson for a few days, and I wanted to soak up as much time with him as possible. Now that he has returned home to his mom I’m back on schedule.

Today I wanted to talk to you about faster results. In a world built on rapid award systems, we’ve come to expect faster results. We have microwaves – cooks food faster, defrosts food faster, heat up food faster. Internet – type in something and within seconds there are results.  Email – want to write a friend and viola.

All of these are rapid results. As a society, these are things we have come to expect. We want faster results, instant gratification for our output. However, in life, in reaching our goals this is not possible.

We, as a whole, no longer want to put forth the hard work it takes to reach where we want to go. Want a skinnier body? Liposuction, belly bands, 6 minute abs….we want faster. I’m not saying that some of these methods might not be better for some. That is not the point of this post. It’s that we expect things to happen rapidly. We don’t want to have to crawl out of that bad day after day, strap on our shoes and go for a jog, do yoga, not eat the fattening foods. It’s grueling. It’s hard work, and it’s exhausting. The amount of commitment it takes to reach your goals seems too hard.

This theory is applied to all aspects of our lives. I’ve seen so many people throw in the towels on their dreams. They write a book, send it out into the world or send queries and they don’t get that instant satisfaction, those rapid results. No bestseller lists, no book deals, and their readership isn’t there. Someone tells them they’re wasting their time. Another person tells them that their book was crap and they hurt themselves with it. I once believed the same thing. The two books that I wrote and sent out flopped. I was damaging my name, my brand with them. I’m calling bullshit on that. With each novel I sent out, I got better. I took one more step toward achieving my dreams.

The two books that I wrote and sent out flopped. I was damaging my name, my brand with them. I’m calling bullshit on that. With each novel I sent out, I got better. I took one more step toward achieving my dreams. There are still thousands of more steps that I will take before I get to where I feel successful. That is my journey, not anyone else’s. It will be hard, and grueling. There will be days that I will want to quit – to fall in line with everyone else – to walk on a path already beaten smooth from others that have come that way.

As humans always seeking that instant gratification we naturally want things easy. It’s those that step outside of ‘easy’ – out of their comfort zones – that grow. They are the ones that will see the greatest amount of success in their lives. They are the ones willing to fight and work hard for what they want. They are determined.

The question is are you one that will fold when the times get hard? If you are, do you truly believe what you want is that thing you are reaching for? If you are truly sure that is what you want out of life then isn’t it worth putting all of your efforts into reaching for?

No instant gratification. There are no short cuts. If you want it that much, then fight for it. Give it your all. No one is stopping you, but you. Get out of your own way, and chase it.

Everyone else are only passengars along for the ride, stop letting them take the wheel from you. You steer your own path. Now go out there and give it everything you have.

L.O.L. my friends. Live your life, Own your life, Love your life.

2 thoughts on “Faster Results

    1. Always keep fighting. Write what makes you happy, Cat. Write because it fulfills something deep inside of you. Don’t worry about publication, marketing or anything like that right now. Just write for the fun of it.

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