2016 · March

Stay Focused

Happy Friday, Readers!!

It’s been a crazy rollercoaster ride, that is in no way going to slow down until May possibly. That’s okay, though. I’m one of those insane people that thrive better when my life is busy.

As for my writing, I’ve decided to start writing by hand on my latest idea so that I can connect with the story better. It will alleviate this nasty habit that I’ve built up of worrying about word counts, and pages. I love the drive NaNo’s give me, but they increase my focus on word counts by massive proportions. So to break myself of it, and put my focus back on telling a great story I will handwrite my work and transcribe it later.

I have signed up for Camp Nano that begins April 1st, but I’m still wavering on my commitment a bit. I’m writing all the time without it, and while I love the inspiration being surrounded by so many creatives gives me, I’d rather stick to handwriting for now. We will see if that changes come the beginning of next week. I’m sure I’ll post closer to the beginning of the Camp Nano Race if I’ll be sticking with my commitment to participate or not.

Handwriting by far is a much slower process for me, but it also doesn’t allow me to second guess myself all the time, which I have a nasty habit of doing. As I’ll need to be able to read my own handwriting when it comes to transcribing I have to slow down some. Sure, it makes some passages lost when my thoughts are moving rapidly, but it also encourages me to think things through more thoroughly for each paragraph.

We will see how well this continues to work with me as I continue on though I’ll admit to being thrilled at the prospect of being able to carry it with me to work on. Granted the amazing Hubby Man bought me what I’ve lovingly deemed my Tiny Toppy. It’s a small laptop that weighs less than 3 pounds, which will make it tons easier when it comes to transcribing, and editing this novel.

Anyone that follows me also on various social medias will notice that there is a decrease in me being there. It isn’t because I wouldn’t love to spend all day socializing, but if I’m spending all day on there then I’m not writing either. So, I’m trying to decrease the time that I spend on such places. The thing that helps me control the time I spend is a Chrome extension called Stay Focused. You can block certain sites with a time limit that you’re allowed access on them as a whole. The time is not per web page but as a whole. So, if you’re like me I highly suggest using the Stay Focused extension. It’s definitely kept me more on track.

As for now it’s back to watching my incredibly imaginative nephew, and playing Mario with a screensaver. Love this kid.

Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) my valiant readers.

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