2016 · March

I Dropped the Ball Again

Hello, Readers!

It’s been one of those weeks where time has not been on my side. Instead, I’ve spent most of it with family, and not in work mode. I did finish the prologue for a piece that I’ve been thinking about. My work on that has ended there. Not because I plan to quit working on the piece, but due to the fact it is still in the forming stages. I needed to do a method that The Hubby Man deems my brain flushing method where I get down the pieces that I know to make room for things I don’t.

Anyway, now that piece is finished I’m moving back to working on revisions of my horror novel. I think after a nice conversation with my husband I’ve figured out that in fact the first draft of it was one novel, and the second draft is another novel. The main plot line was so vastly different for them both, and they do not share characters that I can get away with such work. So, I will be finishing up the last chapter of the first draft so that I can print it out, hopefully, later and get to work on marking it up for fixing.

As some of you may be aware Camp Nano begins tomorrow, and I have signed up to do this marathon. I have recently decided that I was seriously underprepared for such a thing, and was pulling out. It is still an internal argument in my head as my track record with Camp Nano competition is pretty bad. I’ve competed for five years, and I’ve won one, the first year. Mostly this is due to having a harder time staying on track during April/July competitions. It’s getting warmer out, and there are so many things I like to do.

As today is the last day to be prepared before the gun sounds….I think I’m going to have to call it a bust. I’ll continue to write, but probably won’t be competing.

As always, Lovelies, remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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