2016 · April

Wisdom Wednesday

Hello, Readers!

Have you ever experienced something that someone has said to you or something you’re trying to learn and it all goes in one ear and out the other? That is until something just clicks within you, and it all makes perfect sense?

I’ve had one of these moments recently. My spirits have been rather low, and I’ve screamed, internally, of course, that people don’t understand how much work I do to create books, or crochet my projects or whatever endeavor I’m trying to take on. Why don’t people understand how hard it is for me to stay on a healthy eating habit, and why do they keep making me second guess myself by telling me I’m stupid for doing it? Why is it when I tell someone else that I’m working on crocheting this project, and they question it do I let myself become so frustrated. Even when I’m working on a novel, and someone tries to take advantage of my time….the whole theory you ‘work from home’ so you’re readily available irks me to no end.

All of these things stress me out and get under my skin. That was until a recent revelation. Well, not exactly a revelation. Like I said, something just clicks, and make perfect sense. Several years ago I was in a very down state of being. A great friend and mentor, Kevin McArthur gave me a little mental pat on the head. ‘They will never understand because it is not their journey’, was the words that came out of his mouth. I do believe in that particular instance we were discussing religious beliefs, but these words, they apply on all fronts.

It was such an eye-opening moment for me. All the anger I’d been holding on to for years vanished like that. I no longer wanted to choke the person that calls me. I no longer wanted to punch the next person for saying what I do doesn’t count unless I do it the ‘only important way’. He was right. It’s not their journey. It is mine. There was no longer importance in their understanding. They didn’t need to, and for once in my life I didn’t need them to. I didn’t need their approval in the way I do things, nor did I need them to understand how or why I did them. I needed to understand the importance in my journey, in the steps I was taking, and I needed to keep going. This isn’t a journey that we all walk along holding hands. They have their own journey, and I have mine.

I’ve learned compassion from that saying. It’s become a mantra for me.

Now, let me tell you about my mentor, Kevin McArthur. He also is an author. One of my favorite series is his Angel series. I can’t say it is particularly because of the intense energy the fight scenes carry, or even Camden himself in the novels. Though I ensure you that both of those are the merits in which to read the novels if you have not had the chance. My personal favorite in the series is Dove. She’s this beaming light of wisdom and unconditional love in these novels. Every time that Camden run into her it’s breathtaking. She is his spiritual healer, and the way she helps him grow in all walks of life is profound. Mentally, physically and spiritually you see Camden change over the course of the second novel, by far my favorite one.

If you haven’t had a chance to read these novels I suggest them, or his Devastation novels. They are all fantastic portals to amazing places. You can find his work here.

The reason why I bring up his novels because in a lot of ways he reminds me of White Dove from his novels. Dove live and breaths with his wisdom. It’s almost a tranquil sensation when you read her parts in the novels or hear him impart some of that same wisdom upon you.

So, now that I have told you all of this about him I seriously suggest reading his work. And next time you find yourself completely frustrated because someone doesn’t understand your journey, just remember…

‘They will never understand it because it is not their journey.’ And that is okay. Walk your journey with confidence.

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