Hello, Readers. It’s been a long time. Between crazy schedules, and everything that comes with the end of the school year we will be busy until the last few days of May.

I have had some time to think today about unique novel creations. I’d heard people say it many times. Each novel is unique in creation. Some expanded on that concept to explain that each novel may come about differently. Some may be plotted, others may not. Still, none of it rang as true as this last novel for me. I’ve struggled with the plotting versus not plotting debate for myself for years. Frankly, I work better when I don’t plot. At least so far.

Though, I digress. This can be expanded on even more. Like I’ve said many times I’m handwriting my latest novel. While it does make the process slower, I’ve enjoyed it. However, I was inputting it into the computer to be backed up and saved – trust me, I’ve seen what can happen to notebooks with novels in them, and nothing makes me cry more than my hard work being destroyed. So, I was backing it all up in digital format. I type fast. It isn’t a bragging thing, but reality so I attempted to continue on my novel on the computer. I’d have it finished so much faster if I type it all out, but instantly my brain locked up, and I stared at the page. Now, this could all be psychosomatic, but as soon as I shut down the computer and continued on by hand I was able to kick out a lot more.

Visually it plays like a movie in my head, and that makes it easier for me to write it all out. For some reason, that just isn’t possible with this novel while using a computer. That is okay, though. As long as I’m writing, and loving the work I’m doing.

Remember, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.