2016 · May

Websites and Blog sites

Hello, Readers! This is a subject I’ve truly been interested in a lot lately. I’ve been doing research on them. Asking myself questions like what website host do I like the best? Do they have the things that I need to make a great website? Do they include blog hosting or do I need to pay to link my blog there as well?

During all of this, I have visited many different website and blog sites. I have noticed a few things that I will be not doing on my own website and blog site. As a reader, a lot of videos on a blog site bogs it down. If it takes more than a few minutes for a page to load, and the video I came there to see can’t play because your site is overrun with ads trying to play at the same time….chances are I’m not sticking around to see it and others won’t either.

If your site has cute effects or music to go with it, and that bogs down your site….like over this last Winter I visited three different websites and blogs that had snow effects going on, and you couldn’t get the pages to load properly due to it. Word of warning, sometimes simple is better. As cute as all of that is, none of it helps generate customers, but rather forces them away.

These are all things I’m paying attention to as I start to design my own website and update my blog site to reflect these things. It’s taken me some time to find things I like and don’t like about blogs and websites so I can work on mine to reflect that. Not everyone is the same, these are after all just my personal opinions on what I like.

Be unique to you, and remember your readers in it all.

Keep fighting for your dreams, always. L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) until next time.

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