2016 · June

June is here!!

Hello, Readers! True to my usual fashion I swear the summer will be better. I will get more work done because I won’t have the schedule for school to follow. Even truer to the way things work…it hasn’t helped me accomplish a thing. In fact, it has almost been counter productive.

One nasty sinus infection later and my sleep schedule is crazy.  I’m back to being up all night and sleeping in the early mornings. On one aspect it has given me the necessary quiet time to clear my head, and I’ve made great progress in sorting out the plot line again so I’ll be ready to run the second draft of my latest horror novel. A few more rewrites and edits and it’ll be where I would like it to be. I just have to keep pushing through.

I’ve recently decided to try using a visualization technique to see if that helps me stay focused. After all, I’m a very visual person.

My goal for this summer is to get the next draft accomplished on this novel. I would also like to reconnect with my writer friends, and become a more active role in the communities. It all means there will be a lot of changes to my schedule and for myself. I just hope I stick with them. I need some semblance of balance, otherwise, I feel like my days are wasting away.

It’s time to buckle down and put my nose back to the grindstone. I need a schedule and the ability to get some work done. If I don’t put my focus back into my work I think I’ll collapse from some personal things going on. Writing is my break. It is my chance to release the stress and worries of life and enjoy something. I’m hoping it’ll continue to bring me that sense of joy and relief over the next few months. I have a feeling they are going to be extremely difficult.

As always my friends, readers, and fans – remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.



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