2016 · June

Queen of First Drafts

Hello, Readers! Happy Friday to all!

As the title states, I am the queen of first drafts. They’re what I know how to do. I can write them with an outline and without an outline now. However, once that original manuscript is complete I become a floundering fool. I know at this point that the whole thing needs to be revised. However for a long time I’ve never known the process in which to do it.

I often times contemplate rewriting the entire draft, but seriously changing characters, settings, and essentially writing a whole new first draft for the novel. I have done this many many times. Does it improve the original? No, it actually creates another first draft. In actuality, all I’ve been doing to myself is resetting the process that I was at with something else. Year after year I’ve done this. It’s like this whole endless cycle of second draft blues here.

However, recently I’ve found some great ways to help you go over your drafts. I personally am going to give it one more revision to strengthen a few plot holes that have been found first. There is always the Sooz’s Guide found here. Which I will be applying after this next draft. After that, I will add in another go with From Scruffy to Spiffy found here.

Of course, all of it might change by the time I get there and I might choose one method over the other. It’s hard to tell. Editing/revisions is still a process I’m learning how to handle and what works best for me.

Time to dig back into work for me.

Remember, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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