2017 · January

As I’m gearing up for a release in the next month or so….

Hello, Readers.

I find like yesterday it was hard to keep my concentration on one thing. In the early morning, I drifted from one thing to the next. While none of the work was unnecessary, it wasn’t the rewriting that I was supposed to be doing.

I’ll admit I felt some frustration with that but decided to allow myself to accomplish a couple of tasks that have been needed for so long like starting to clean up this blog in preparation for getting a website to go along with it. I’m am still a month out on getting the website, but it never hurts to start the work toward one. I’ve also been going through my Facebook page. That consisted of dropping groups and pages that I’d picked up over the long years.

Once I finally felt like I’d reached a point I could refocus myself back on the project at hand, I opened up the word document and set to work. I can’t tell you how amazing that has felt. Not only has the second draft surpassed the first draft’s word count in the deeper point of view, but it reads so much better. I still have ten chapters of the first draft to convert, and a chapter to add to fix a plot hole, but I’ll take it.

It feels so great to be focused for the first time. I know what I want and where I’m going. Now it is putting forth the work to get there and let’s face it. It is work. There are no easy steps to reaching what I want, but I’m ready to finally accomplish it.

No more excuses. No more playing the victim. It’s time to get to work.

It’s time to get to work. Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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