2017 · January

Onto Betas

Hello, Readers.

I am happy to announce that by noon yesterday the second draft of Malevolent Mind was completed. I’m so excited about this project. It truly is the best writing that I’ve ever done. During the next few days, I will give it a read through and correct anything that is needed before it goes out to beta readers. Not to mention I also put down the first payment for my editor, so I’m excited to be moving in all the right directions to see a release within the first three months of this year.

I have to admit I was going to set the two finished first drafts back to back through edits and the likes. After some thought, though, I’m going to take a few months between their releases and write up another first draft, that way I’ll have something to work on while the other one is going through different stages. I’m sure in time I will perfect a method that works for me through all of this, much like first drafting. The question will be picking which project will come next. I have several that are up for consideration.

Now it is time to get all of that organized. In the meantime, let me give you a glimpse at Malevolent Mind. ©Misty Harvey 2016-2017 This is without a professional edit and is in need of another read through, so please take that into account. 


The moonlight cast its beams down between the tree eaves. What minimal light flowed to the earth bathed the scene in an eerie glow. It danced along the small peaks of the river as it ran downstream. Even most of the wild animals had retired home for the evening. The only creatures left were the crickets chirping their cadences and the small frame of a young woman that stood beside the river.

She wore a cloak to fight off the slight chill of the night air. The hood lifted over her head to hide underneath. This was a momentous place for her. It was the ending to her life, as she knew it, and the beginning of a burning hatred none could understand. At least, none that she’d come across.

This is where it all had gone so wrong in her youth. Now, finally, after all these years she was getting the opportunity to make things right. Fate had smiled upon her and her nefarious plans.

Raven lifted the newspaper in her hand. A red circle resided around an advertisement for a nanny and housekeeper. It was a dream come true.

“Revenge will be ours, Willow. It is finally time. He will learn of what he’s done, and you will be at peace.” She slapped the folded paper against her other hand.

Turning on her heel, she pushed the edge of her cloak back to billow behind her. It was a hike back across lands she knew well. Ones she’d played on as a small child. They’d long since been abandoned. No one dared live in the house she’d grown up in. Even her parents, distraught from the loss of one of their girls had promptly placed the house up for sale.

It never had exchanged hands, though. This was a superstitious community. Due to one of the children going insane and committing suicide while living there, they believed it was contagious. People even went so far as to walk on the other side of the street for fear it would somehow infect them.

Like insanity was a spreadable disease through the air.

No, that was absurd. Raven knew the reason that her sweet and innocent sister had lost control over her own mind. She knew it well, and now she’d returned to the sleepy little town, revenge would be hers. Of that, she had no doubt. Even if it was the last thing that she did.

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