2017 · January

The Weekends

Hello, Readers.

It’s the first weekend of my return and there is no post for yesterday. Man, I’m slacking. It isn’t because I had nothing to say or even forgot. This time it had more to do with I really did think I’d posted it early that morning. Apparently, that was a figment of my imagination.

Anyway, that being said, I have been busy gathering bullet points of notes, research, and names ready for my next venture. The first draft will begin once I complete the bullet points and lay out the plot before me. Like all beginnings of W.I.P.’s, I’m excited about this one as well. It isn’t that shiny new idea type of excitement because…well, this isn’t a shiny new idea. I’ve actually been gathering thoughts on this one for years, storing them in a leather bound notebook. It’s one of those that has never let me go.

Back when I first thought of it and began gathering thoughts the book idea was way out of my wheelhouse. While I was so excited about this idea, I knew it wasn’t ready. Well, more appropriately I wasn’t ready for it. So I stored it away, tossing in thoughts bit by bit as I went. Different scenes that popped into my head were jotted down, quick notes were carelessly tossed there for use at a later time…months ticked by and I knew it was still beyond me.

I’m finally within the ability to really do this book justice and the ones to follow after some justice. So while Malevolent Mind is off with beta reads I’ve started the plotting process. During the beta, editing, and marketing phase of Malevolent Mind, I will be laying down the first draft of the next novel.

This will be a huge undertaking for me, but as they are both in different phases of it all I know this is something I can do. I can’t wait to see how far my new and improved attitude will take me.

Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

Until tomorrow

2 thoughts on “The Weekends

    1. That is very true. I knew I would end up undertaking this series as I was so passionate about it and it had stuck with me for so many years. I”m glad now I really feel is the time for it.

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