2017 · January

In Search of Creative Refilling

Hello, Readers.

Originally I was going to write a post about how different our creative wells can be, how some overrun with ideas while other are almost bone dry. I’m on the lateral of that equation.

Anyway, I decided to leave it for the time being and let that one percolate as it turned into some rambling mess of stream of consciousness. The reason I even thought of such topic is because I’ve had a hard time coming up with a new plot line to be writing about. I thought I had it sorted and then it didn’t meld the way I thought it should. The more I thought about the plot line the more it felt…not right.

So I tore the whole thing down. If it wasn’t working on the conceptual phase it would turn into a hot mess during the writing one. That left me wondering if this novel was even ready. For years I’ve had images, character attitudes and things sitting in my head, taken down in a notebook as it all continued to remind me to write it. Not once have I not thought about this particular novel from time to time. You’d think by then it would be ready.

I sat down and was sorting out the plot. The more I worked on it the more it sounded like other books I’d heard of or read, shoot, even books I’d written. So, I tore the plot back down. There was no way I wanted this book to fall into some bandwagon type feel. Now I’m left wondering if I don’t work on this novel then what? What is the next project? That is where the lack of plot bunnies came into my thoughts as a blog post.

There is a file on my computer of book ideas that I’ve been storing up. Some hit automatic rejection for falling into the wrong genre for me, others get the rejection because I’ve resurrected bits of them to create other novels. Even still, some of those plot bunnies followed an underlying theme I apparently have going on in my novels. So, I tossed all these out and it left me with no remaining plots except the one that wasn’t ready.

While I have no answers on what I shall take on, that doesn’t mean I’ll remain idle. It means my creative well needs me to refill it. As tv shows do nothing to refill that, but rather poke holes in the dam so everything leaks out I may take on a book or movie to try it out. Possibly even get out of the house later tonight when the family is home, even if it is raining like mad out there.

Anyway, I’m off to find some entertainment that is inspiring and refilling. Just remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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