2017 · January

Gathering of Materials


Hello, Readers.

Yesterday, I started working on the creation of a new race in my phone. I was jotting down notes and bits of their history as a culture. It wasn’t much work, but it certainly was a beginning to the endless work. Again, I don’t tend to get a lot of work done on the weekends. Mainly due to wanting to hang out with my family. Also, it is a good time for us to get our running down.

So we traipsed off to the stores to do our errands. A quick stop at the craft store got me a large sketch pad and some pencils. After that, we headed to Walmart to get groceries. During that time, I headed for the office supplies section. This area tends to be my weakness. I love notebooks and pens, only this time I was going with a purpose. I needed a small hard backed notebook with an elastic to hold it closed along with the sticky tabs for inside of it.

I was a girl on a mission, once we got home from all of that, I set up the notebook and took the rest of the night off to spend with my hubby man watching television.

As for today, I did get some of the beta notes back from one person and I need to go through and work on that so that it is ready for the editor next month. When I was reviewing these notes I know that they are going to take some time to fix as they are plotting minor plot holes. While the holes are minor the work to plug them will not be. So, off to work I go.

While I settle in to get my work done I leave with you Malevolent Mind’s (© Misty Harvey 2016-2017) blurb. I hope you enjoy:

An unfinished story has a way of driving the sanest to the brink of insanity.

Raven has a score to settle. In her younger years, Heath and his friends were continually bullying her and her twin. Left with unanswered questions of what exactly happened Raven seeks revenge. Fate opened a door and she becomes the nanny for Heath’s young son, Kade. She helps him start a horror story with the plan to bring the horrible creature Kade created into the real world to torment Heath and his friends. It was perfect until the plan unraveled. When Kade’s creation no longer wishes to do Raven’s bidding, it becomes a fight for life or death. The only way to survive is to figure out how to finish off the creature before she finds her freedom. Will Kade find a way to stop the creation of his malevolent mind before Raven’s revenge consume them all?

Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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