2017 · January

Another Step Along the Way

Hello, Readers.

The release of my psychological thriller is growing ever closer. I find that while I’d love to be working on another novel I’m spending most of my time securing the things I need to for the release. Which is to be expected.

Recently I managed to secure my editor and pay her in full. Now, I’m in the middle of getting my cover artist. After the fiasco yesterday I didn’t think I’d find one, but low and behold I did. She was incredible. The email she sent me answered all of my questions, it was professional and she was completely upbeat while making me aware of the sales she had going on. As I’d previously seen her work on many covers, and she’d come highly recommended I couldn’t help but be awestruck. It all mixed with her professionalism and I knew I’d found someone I wanted to work with on my covers and so much more. I’m thoroughly looking forward to working with Amber from Reverie.

Now, I’m that much closer to being ready for the release. I know February will be filled with trying to get reviews, setting up promos, and the final stages in prep for the early March release.

Here is to the long road ahead of us, and the incredible journey to come.

L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it), my readers.

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