2017 · January

One More Runthrough

Hello, Readers.

I got my beta feedback and have been working on implementing their suggestions. They were all pointing out the same things wrong in the book, which made sense. After going through all of that I spent yesterday giving the book yet another read through.

I have to admit to finding myself discouraged yesterday. The book has been through a total of six edits and one revision so I thought by this point I would find it fairly clean. That my main concern would be those added pieces. However, this bit of thinking was terribly wrong. Thousands of spots I found tweaks in language, and speech patterns. There were even a couple of places where sentence structure became a problem.

This was a hard pill for me to swallow and I grew very disheartened. By the time The Hubby Man and I had read the book to chapter eleven the last piece of my pride was delivered in a gut punch of unbelievable circumstances with a part. I was done. I knew when to admit self-defeat. After hiring an editor and cover designer this would be the part that took me out. To fix such an area I’d have to tear the work down to ground level and either remove a storyline or add to it. There would be no other way around it.

I’ll admit, I was going to throw in the towel. I wallowed in my own self-doubt and depression for part of the day. After all of the research and revisions, I still managed to screw a piece up royally. My head whirled and The Hubby Man began scouring for answers. He knew I was defeated and ready to give in. It had taken me six months of writing and rewriting to fill in plot holes and he’d just gut punched a huge on in it.

After all was said and done, though, we managed to plug the plot without having to rip it back to square one. Turns out my research hadn’t been off after all and we were still on a green light. While I still am not happy with all the errors we are still finding, I will take the minor tweaks of sentences and wording over the crater that I nearly faced.

The point of this whole story for all of you is to never give up. I know it can seem so dark at times, and we all want to give up. It’s okay to spend some time to regather yourself, but you have to get back to the computer at some point and face it down. After all, we aren’t quitters and we don’t give in, right?

So gather yourselves as I am doing and let’s L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) even through the hard parts.

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