2017 · January

Cover Artist Booked

Hello, Readers.

Like the title says thanks to the hubby man I have now paid for my cover artist. I’m so thrilled to work with her. I’ve seen some of her other work for friends and I love it. Malevolent Mind will have bookmarks, the full covers and I’ve purchased some vouchers for interior formatting as well.

This year is already starting out with a bang.

I’ve been working out the beginning steps for an outline of a novel and hope today I’ll get a chance to work out the outlines into a bigger one. Yesterday wasn’t such a great day for work. My dog suffers from separation anxiety and it isn’t just being home alone, it is change in schedules that get him. After a serious of winter advisory blizzard warning, the hubby was asked to work from home by his job. When it came time for him to return to his business office yesterday the dog wasn’t having it.

He paced around the house, chased the cat and continued to poke me in the leg. I finally gave up and retired to the couch to cuddle with him. So, needless to say, work wasn’t happening. Today isn’t looking like any better of a day in terms of the dog’s mood, but at least he isn’t poking me and pacing.

Time to make me some breakfast so I can settle in to try to work. Remember, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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