2017 · February

The Madness of Plotting

Hello, Readers!

I used to swear by being a pantser. That was the way it was for a long time, but I grew frustrated. At the end of each novel, I had created a hot mess. It would have taken so many times of going over and over it to get it sorted out. By the time I typed the words The End it had everything and the kitchen sink inside of it. There was no rhyme nor reason to the novel. It was like oh, that is a shiny idea, let’s include it.

Often times my novels start with a general concept. A small pebble in the sand, then I take my time to expand on it. I generally know if I’m on the right track because I see the novel in my head like a movie and I spend a lot of time quickly jotting down milemarkers so I can find my way back to write it.

If I write something down and I cannot get even the slightest glimmer of an image then I know that I miscalculated somewhere and something isn’t geling quite right. So then, I’m forced to stop and think about my plot in greater depth to discover where I went off the path at.

I’ve tried 30 beams of light plotting, magnificent seven plots, W plots, snowflakes….just about every method out there. The one thing that I have noticed. I very rarely plot the same way more than twice.

What works for one book, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Currently my plotting method for my next novel is almost a stream of consciousness plotting method. It’s worked for me as the main plot is laid down and it’s ready for the secondaries to be woven in before work can begin.

I would say writing would begin on Monday, but my grandson will be coming to stay with me for a bit as my pregnant daughter is supposed to be taking it easy. So, that being said it may slow down my ability to work out the plots, though I was hoping to have those done by this evening domestic queen abilities are needed on the house.

As for Malevolent Mind. It is still with the editor and she is working her way through the chapters. The cover art has been pushed back and I probably won’t see that until sometime next week. While I was a little disappointed only because I am so insanely excited to see it, I definitely understand how it all works. So, hopefully soon.

Meanwhile, I’ll dive back into the plotting. Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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