2017 · February

Birds, Fish, and a Giant Cow

Hello, Readers!

Interesting title, huh? Glad I got your attention. That title literally explains my Valentine’s Day. Let me explain.

Yesterday I did my work early in the morning, but it was a rough one for me. I had to lay down to take a nap as the inversion we are facing here in Utah caused me some serious sinus issues. Still, I managed to get caught up on the editing I had for the day.

On that front let me tell you, we’re cruising and the things that she is catching are blowing my mind. I never even thought about some of these, but it has been quite the learning experience and in a good way. Others, I’m not sure why they never registered.

I recently learned about writing in deep point of view so I’d used it in Malevolent Mind. Man, it took the novel up quite a few notches when I did. Only, once my editor got a hold of it, she pointed out that when we are in Kade’s point of view he’s not going to refer to his father as Heath. Whoa, seriously, I don’t know why I didn’t think of this point. I was inserting my author or narrator voice and pulling it out of deep point of view. Thanks to her hard work yesterday and I’m sure many days yet it’ll all be fixed. However, now that I realize this I will be sure to correct it in future novels before we get to this point.

As I found all of this out while we were out doing Valentine’s Day things I knew I’d have to wait until today to fix it, which I have already done. However, back to that afternoon.

After the hubby man and I were off work we picked up our daughter to take her out for the rest of the day. First stop on our trip was the Seaquest Interactive Aquarium.

Before we even got in the door there was the Chick Fil A cow spreading Valentine’s cheer to the kids. Well, let me rephrase that. He was spreading it everyone. The energy he brought to the character was phenomenal.

As my daughter had to run to the restroom before we’d even bought our tickets into the aquarium my interactions with said cow started early. We were standing in front of the Aquarium entrance in the mall and he decided to have some fun.

First, he mocked the way I stood, which made me laugh. Then he gave me a hug and a mini stuffed cow for my desk. Let me add in a small note here. I have a minor phobia of people in large costumes.

It is a rather small phobia as I can be around them without running for the hills screaming, but it makes my anxiety rise a bit. Still, he had me laughing and grinning.

After my daughter decided to bless us with her presence again we went into the aquarium. Man, their customer service sucks! I don’t know who the lady was at the desk, but she was terrible. This was not going to go well for us from the beginning. She let my husband scan his card three almost four different times and then myself before she goes oh, you have American Express. We don’t take that.

Haha, I almost punched her. I mean the American Express part I got. A lot of places don’t. Including our favorite Aquarium in Draper, but he hadn’t thought to pull cash. It was the part about letting us try five different times before anything registered in her brain.

Luckily we were in the mall so there are ATM’s. We decided we’d still give them a chance and pulled cash before returning.

Upon entering the place I have to say, their water in most of the small tanks looked like crap. They still had empty exhibits after being open a few months, which was depressing and they were still doing construction in some places. The roof on the place is a metal construct so conversations carry and blend to this massive headache-inducing volume. They could use with some white noise creators to defer that down to a better volume so you can actually hear their employees as they interact with you.

When it comes to crappy customer service we didn’t really run into it again for the rest of our visit. The employees that were inside the area were really phenomenal. Even when going and coming from breaks they jumped right into interacting with people.

First off there was a fenced off area that stated it was an interaction zone with an employee inside. I had no idea what to expect and I was already sporting a blinding headache so I stayed back. That didn’t stop the hubby and daughter, though. Turns out it was an iguana interaction. They got to go in there and pet the large and baby lizards while learning about them.

Okay, Seaquest. That is quite a redeeming quality there. They had a blast. There was even a woman standing out with a baby bearded dragon lizard you could pet.

We wound our way into the next room, peering at one huge fish tank with puffer fish and such inside of it and an employee brought us a small container of dead shrimp. Gee, thanks for the gift of dead sea life. You’re supposed to be keeping them alive.

However, she explained we could hand feed the fish these little shrimp. Haha. No. I got my hubby and daughter up there. They could touch the dead thing that was looking at me. You’d think as a horror author I’d have loved it, but not so much.

The hubby man’s face lit up at getting to hand feed the fish like that. Even the daughter got all into it. Let me sneak in a thing here about our daughter. She is the only one of our kids that has been this interactive in anything we take her to do, so this was quite exciting for us.

Eventually, we made our way to the bird area. She’d heard them when we entered and was excited to get to this area. They had two different fenced off areas. On one side it was filled with parakeets. On the other side lorikeets. If you guessed another interaction spot, you’re right. This time they actually had a booth open so we could pay for a different type of interaction for our daughter.

She wanted to feed the birds, both types. My hubby man being the amazing guy he is made sure to purchase the food for both sides.

We had to wait until the employee inside of there was ready for her, which was fine. That was understood as she was doing both sides of the interaction and was there to teach about them. First up, my daughter went into the lorikeets. The look of terror on her face as they flew at her to get the food. I about died laughing. After she grew accustomed to it she had a blast. They were on her head, shoulders, and hands. While they ate and popped on my daughter’s leg the employee talked about the birds and answered questions my hubby man asked from outside of the place. We busied ourselves with snapping pictures of the looks of terror on her face, of course. What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t take these memory pictures for her? Haha.

The employee got her over on the other side, which she was a little more skeptical about going into as there were far more of the birds and she now knew they flocked as soon as the lid came off the food. Still, she managed the courage and went in.

Whoa, did they flock too. They were at her feet chewing on her shoelaces and shoes, on her hands, head, legs….everywhere. She was grinning and interacting this time after the initial landing phase. Again, she got pooped on so I was rolling. Yet she fed them what we’d bought.

Now, this is the part where you all think about the grossness in being pooped on. This place has so many washing facilities they had it covered. Remember it is an interactive aquarium so they take sanity seriously. There were even hand sanitization stations as well.

We continued from playing with the stingrays and seeing the small sharks in tanks to another interaction with the said Chick Fil A cow from before. He was over entertaining small kids while they watched a show about the large gold and blue macaw to the gray parrot they had there.

My daughter wanted a chance to meet the cow as well so while we were petting the sting rays she went over. Next thing I saw was the cow come running around a tank with my daughter’s shoe, which he gave to a random stranger.  My daughter laughing as she followed behind him to retrieve her shoe and put it back on.

Again, still not my last interaction with said cow.

We played around and interacted in the few other spots that there were in the aquarium before spilling out into the gift shop where we started. After looking at everything they had my daughter spotted a woman with a boa. She kept trying to get me to come over to see it.

I don’t do snakes. Nope. I was good where I was at. So my daughter and the hubby man went to go pet the snake. Low and behold here came the chick fil a cow.

I was distracted at looking at the t-shirts for some time. When I looked up the cow had the snake and was coming at me.

Ah, hell no. I headed out of the aquarium area. Logic said they wouldn’t dare bring the animals out in the main area, right? Wrong.

He followed me down the hall with this thing. Again, fear of large costumes and snakes, combination. (shivers). I headed for the elevator and up to the food court and I didn’t stop until I was sure he turned back with the snake.

My daughter was laughing so hard her face was red. I didn’t know he was going to follow you with it, Ma. That was funny.

Of course, it was, for everyone but the one terrified of the legless slitherer and cow. No, that was a product for my nightmares for me. The hubby man was ready to phone chick fil a to file a complaint in my defense. I told him I was okay and I calmed down. Once the fear depleted I had to laugh.

That guy in the cow suit for all his crazy antics helped make the trip to the aquarium as much fun as the employees there. I hope he is getting paid well to run around in that suit because he is really good at interacting with those around them. At least for me. My hubby…still not impressed with him.

Now, back to work for me as this post ran longer than expected. We are drawing down to the wire when it comes to the release of Malevolent Mind. Time to set more marketing into motion.

Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Birds, Fish, and a Giant Cow

  1. That was a fun post. I have the same fear of costume people. Not overly petrifying like you but enough to cause me anxiety as well. I don’t mine a peak or quick hello but that is enough LOL. Sorry he tormented you with the snake that was a bit much on his part.

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