2017 · February

The Sounds of Plot Bunnies


Hello, Readers!

Yesterday was quite a day in my world. I spent most of the day waiting and worrying as my grandson headed into the doctor’s to see if he had RSV. After a short time, they sent him to the hospital for x-rays. It wasn’t RSV, it is pneumonia. To make a long story short he’s here with Nana and Papa for recovery. It was an event in itself to get him here, still, I digress.

Let’s back it up to my busy day. Yesterday was a large choir performance for my daughter. One of the first ones I’d ever heard of with such magnitude. They invited a choir from every junior high in the district. One of them had over a hundred students in their choir alone.

Anyway, each choir performed two songs a piece and then they did a group performance. It was a massive production that had been placed at the local college due to how many they needed to accommodate.

My teenage daughter is on the right in the mix of red shirts there.

Anyway, during some of the other performances, I found myself growing weary. We are talking one church song (which annoys me) and generally one in a whole other language. Why, people? Why?

Needless to say, my mind started to wander when it wasn’t my daughter performing. I randomly came up with an entire character based on this woman in the row in front of us, who for the entire production remained on her phone. I even invented an LGBTQ plotline based on this one choir that had a random female in the middle of their men’s section. Not to mention that I fixed the massive gap in the horror plot that has been running around in my head for the last week.

I tried to jot down the few notes that I could between music sets on my phone, which including texting the character notes to my hubby because I couldn’t get word to pop up fast enough on my phone while they were changing choirs.

After all was said and done I found the performance to be extremely productive for me. Not to mention my daughter did an amazing job, along with the other choirs. When they all sang as a group it was chilling to hear the power in their voices. I was proud of our junior high choir and all of the hard work they put into that performance. I’m sure my daughter will miss it next year when she moves on to an early college high school.

Hopefully, she will find something else that she loves to do just as much and we can be involved with it as well.

As for Malevolent Mind, we’re almost done on the edits and wow, it has really made a huge difference in it. After I get all of that settled and a final read through then I will turn it over to be formatted while the cover release is going on and I work on finalizing release day things.  I can’t wait to see this novel out into the world.

Until then, though, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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