2017 · February

Marketing Ideas

Hello, Readers!

I am now getting into a part of the writing process that I am admittedly my weakest. However, I am also in search of ways to market my novel to stand out more. I know the normal methods of book release parties, blog hops, and such. I am in the search for those, but I also need to take into consideration my target market, as well as my genre.

I will be implementing some of these methods now, but I will admittedly be doing only a few things at a time out of my marketing plan. The reason being, it’ll be much easier to do experiments if there are more controlled factors, versus implementing them all at once and later wondering which ones worked and which did not.

Often times, people place a lot of hullabaloo on the release of a novel but forget that like everything else marketing is a long term process so it’ll need continual marketing. While you may not market it to quite the same extent as you did in the beginning, you will still need to continue while you work on your next novel. After all, as the saying goes. Nothing sells book one like book two.

So, while I’m trying to figure all of this out. Malevolent Mind is going through the second round of edits. My editor believes this will go much faster this time around, and so I’ve arranged for the interior work to be done shortly after the cover reveal. I have a tentative release date in my head, but I will not make a full announcement for that until a few more things drop into place. However, I am still aiming for the first part of March.

The bookmarks are still set to arrive on Tuesday and I’m working on purchasing more items for a possible release party or giveaways during release week. Next week will begin the countdown for the cover reveal here on my blog as well as the actual cover reveal taking place on several other blogs.

There are so many exciting things happening that I really need to dig in and focus. Here is hoping that everything else falls into place smoothly. Now, I better get some work done while I’ve got a chance since the Hubby Man is entertaining the sick toddler.

Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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