2017 · February

Letting Go!

Hello, Readers!

I missed yesterday for blogging so I wanted to come back with a great blog post. The question was which blog to write about. Should I have gotten into the fact that of is a useless word in my novel? I swear two rounds of edits and we’ve gone through and almost all of them.

Heath jumped off of the house. No. It’s….Heath jumped off the house.

If you get rid of then the sentence it cleaner and tighter for sure. There are many sentences just like that where I inserted of and my poor editor had to go through and remove it. Let me tell you, though. Man, the difference is amazing.

Still, I didn’t think that was quite the blog post I wanted.

I could go through and tell you all an update. Malevolent Mind has finished two rounds of edits. I have sat down to read the novel to check on flow after all the work and to ensure that any general errors are cleaned out. WOW. Again, the difference is amazing. However, by rushing through the edits like I have done I have created all sorts of minor errors that shouldn’t be there like a period and comma back to back, two periods in a row, and crushed words together.

I’m truly shocked my editor hasn’t fired me. Haha. Editing is there to make your novel better, but if you don’t take the time for it, you can create a lot more of a mess than what you started with, so lesson….Don’t waste your editors time by making her have to correct the mess you made the first time through of edits.

Again, still not quite what I wanted to talk about.

After a rough night last night of horrible anxiety, I thought about writing about that. This was the type of anxiety that wasn’t in the mind, but rather the body. It gives you the inability to settle down and quit moving. It causes muscle convulsions and irritability. It also leaves you completely exhausted the next day, if you even managed to get any sleep at all.

Anxiety is no joke in the physical as well as emotional cost it takes on a person.

Even in my sleepy thoughts, that wasn’t it either.

Now I knew something worthy to talk about.

The bookmarks will be here today! The cover reveal is three quick days away and the release date for Malevolent Mind is now set. It will be out on March 16th.

Was that it? You read through that whole thing for an update?

No, but that is still exciting news. I wanted to talk about letting books go. It can be so terrible hard after you’ve spent so long cleaning it up and making it shine. Each time I read through my novels I find places I could have improved or added on to, different directions I could have taken the novel, or even general ways to have made it that much better.

However, after two rounds of edits, things set into place for release, you have to really weigh this. I mean, it can create a neverending cycle of constantly improving a novel and never releasing it. The thing is you’re a completely different writer then you were at the time you started it. You are going to find those points of improvement or different routes. It is due to the fact that you’re a stronger writer than you were when you started it.

I’ve seen many authors get stuck in this perfection stage. They refuse to release their novel until it is absolutely perfect. That simply does not happen. There is no absolutely perfect. We’re human. There will always be a small error or missed opportunity somewhere in a novel. The point is to do your best to make it shine and then release it. If you remain too focused on such things you’ll never release novels.

Considering I’ve finally purchased Scrivener instead of using the free trial and I have Word as well….I am ready to work on a new novel. Especially as a truly terrifying bit came to me as I lay their with my anxiety last night. I can’t wait for the next novel.

For now, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

6 thoughts on “Letting Go!

  1. Can’t wait to hold my print signed copy in my grubby little paws! So excited for you! I am totally guilty of the endless cycle of perfection and then creating more errors because of rushing. You’ve given me thoughts to think on.

  2. I’m so glad that I could give you things to think on. I was talking with the hubby man about the cycle of perfection yesterday. He’s all you’ve got to move on and let people enjoy this one. Haha. I’m so excited to see it all finished and have the print signed copy to send you :). After all, Malevolent Mind wouldn’t be this far without you saying give me the book. Haha

  3. Woo! I’m so excited for your upcoming release. I learn something new about my writing and about writing in general with every book I write. I can’t bear to go back and re-read my already published books because I’m sure I’ll find something (or several things) that I want to change. Before I know it, I would be doing a complete rewrite. I agree with you that you should make the book the best you can and then release it into the wild, otherwise you get stuck in a constant cycle of rewriting and fixing things that weren’t broken to begin with.

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