2017 · March

We’re still a few days out

Hello, Readers!

We are still a few days out of being able to say formatting and interior work is done, but let me tell you it is going to be so worth it. I’ve seen some of the design for the chapter headers and we’ve discussed some of the other work she is doing as well. Oh, it is definitely going to be worth it. Keeping true to the theme, Amber has gone over and beyond to create truly creepy chapter headers. They are going to be so amazing.

When it comes to a release party, I’m still trying to decide if it is going to be the right one for me. It’s complicated and I’m doing research on it when I get moments. By moments I mean when my brain isn’t buried deep in working on a new dark fantasy or at least plotting it.

I spent most of yesterday laying down plot and subplots, plus getting a general view for the other books in the series as well. Once I have this one laid out I’ll be able to focus on plotting them more. I’m hoping to have it all ready to begin writing on Monday at the latest.

Hopefully soon, I’ll be working on another novel. There has been more down time between novels then I would have liked, but this is all still a new process so I may have needed it. Malevolent Mind is still scheduled for release on March 16th.

The day after is FanX for me. Where I got the hubby man a photo op with his music idol Weird Al. I swear this is the most excited that I ever have seen him for something so I know it was money well spent. He deserves this on so many levels. Plus, I love watching him so excited for something.

It’s time to dig back into plotting and take more medication for this sinus cold. Man, I’m tired of this weather.

Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.


One thought on “We’re still a few days out

  1. I am anxious to see how the book turns out! That is cool about the FanX for your hubby Man. You deserve some fun !

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