Hello, Readers!

I have been down and out for almost a week with a sinus cold that wasn’t going to let go. While I’m not all the way back to normal breathing I feel immensely better! I’m definitely back to being able to handle my own workload and get things done. So, I’m excited to take it all on once again.

As for where Malevolent Mind is on the journey toward publication which is coming in just over a week. Eeek! I’ve seen the ebook interior and while there are a few slight tweaks that need to happen I can assure you the thing is amazing! I can’t wait to see the way the paperback turns out as well.

I still haven’t fully settled on some sort of release day blitz. While I’m aware I’m way behind in the programming I assure you there will be something going on somewhere to celebrate. You can watch here for further updates on what is going on with that front.

My next work found most of the last half of the week a total bummer. I slept through two days thanks to medications, which while it sucked to not get work done, I can say I feel so much better for it. I did manage to get some plotting done and have laid down the basics for a seven book dark fantasy journey that keeps my usual creep factor while allowing me to explore fantasy as well.

I am going to be laying out the first book into plot methods by the middle of this coming week. This is quite a rush to begin creating new works once again. I can’t wait to be deep in first draft work again and look forward to this next leg of the journey.

Now to dive into getting some things done.

Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.