2017 · March

A New Avenue of Writing

Hello, Readers!

As I start to develop not only the character I couldn’t shake but the world in which she exists I’m blown away by how much I seem to already have known about it. I can’t wait to start on this journey with her as I write.

While I’m working hard on this the reviews are starting to come in on Goodreads for the novel. I can tell you, they aren’t quite where I’d hoped for them to be, but they could have been a whole lot worse. It shows how much further I need to continue to work on my writing.

Harsh reviews can be extremely hard to take, but as a writer, you have to understand that these are people’s opinions. You may not agree with them and they may sting at the time, but you’ve got to push past them.

I won’t say I truly didn’t consider canceling the release and throwing in the towel this morning. But the simple fact is, as an author the moment you put your novel out there for people to read you’ve got to expect to get all sorts of reviews.

So here is a suggestion. Take the moments to savor the instant pain but after that release it. You can’t carry what doesn’t serve you in your journey. I’ve had my moments to doubt myself but to hell with it, and I do mean that.

My writing won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, in fact, it might not be most. Doesn’t matter I wrote a novel. I pushed through every moment I wanted to quit from the beginning to the end and I finished it. It’ll be released into the world on the 16th and guess what is the most important about all of that.

I’m not quitting.

I’m going to keep writing and chasing my dreams. I’ll improve over time even more than I already have and I’ll find the niche where I truly belong. It can and will happen.

Now, I really need to work on this spunky girl and I’m dying to find out more about her world and what it means to be a part of it. All the gears, mechanics, and life that she will breathe into the world. I can’t wait to see where this next adventure will take me.

Normally I’d tell you to L.O.L., but today….today of all days I’m going to say.

Keep dreaming, keep pushing on, and no matter what keep being you. There is absolutely nobody else on this earth just like you, and that is pretty great on its own.

3 thoughts on “A New Avenue of Writing

  1. You go girl! you have the right attitude. Don’t let a review get you down. take it learn from it and move on. have glass of wine and piece of chocolate!

  2. Getting harsh reviews is something every author faces, whether you’re a brand new indie author or a famous bestseller, or somewhere in between. My book, Spellbound, has received some very harsh reviews. I know it is not my best book. There have been times I considered unpublishing it. But you know what? I’ve learned from the harsh reviews. Some of the reviewers made valid points. Other reviews were simply because the reader didn’t like the type of book. When a book only has a few good reviews, it’s usually because only family and close friends have read it. But when you have a variety of ratings, it means your book has reached a variety of readers. It’s impossible to expect everyone to like your book, but if your book has reached readers and inspired to write a review (good or bad), that’s success!

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