2017 · March

Too Much Plotting

Hello, Readers!

I have to admit that this weekend I spent scrubbing my house and decorating it so that it was an environment both my hubby and I were comfortable in. During that time, though, it left me little time for writing or plotting for that matter.

Slowly I found that during this course of time away and the few times I sat down to work on plot lines that the more I tried to force the novel into these parameters the more I fell out of love with the work. The once peppy and spunky characters to which I loved in my head had turned into details on a page. They’d lost that spark about them that made me want to write about them to begin with.

The more that I sat down to really think about such things I have to admit this can happen to me a lot. I’ve loved learning new things when it comes to my writing, but at the same token, it can take away things that I’ve naturally done since the beginning, like character creation. That is something that has always come extremely easy for me. I love creating deep characters that come right off the page.

While learning all these details about plots and such I’ve fallen into a familiar rut for me. I try to follow so many other author’s ways of creating these epic novels that I find…I’ve plotted myself right out of the things that make my novels so much fun to write and read…my voice, and my creativity.

When I do this I tend to create flatter characters that I’m so busy forcing them from one point to another that follows a strict outline that they no longer have any personality on the page what so ever. This became clear when I was working on the plot for this steampunk fantasy novel. Sloane, the spunky engineer that I was excited to be writing no longer seemed like so much fun to write. She had become a calculated character meant to move from this point to the next point to the one after that.

It was no longer about her journey, but rather following a set of rules. Now that I’ve thrown all that out and I’m focusing more on the characters I’ve reawakened my excitement for the story. I’ll be sitting down today to work on that along with finishing up an interview to go on another blog for the book release of Malevolent Mind.

I can’t believe the release is three days away! While it hasn’t been easy waiting so long to release it into the world it has given me more of an opportunity to make sure things are in place and that I’m not going to be stressing when the day comes.

Now, time to get things going. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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