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Camden’s Journey

Hello, Readers!

I have had the great fortune to meet many great authors throughout my journey. One of my absolutely favorite series of novels is written by someone I’m very fortunate to call my friend. Which while seems a little bias I dare people to read these novels and not walk away wondering about these characters. They live and breathe off the page.

That being said he is running a two free ebook introduction into this series right now! So without further ado my friend, Kevin’s post:

Wow! Am I offering a once in a lifetime deal or what? To promote my books, I’ve chosen the FIRST TWO e-books in the Angel Series absolutely free! That’s right, not one, but two e-books! If you will follow the links below, for the first link use the promo code LQ65T to receive Angel: Camden’s Journey for free. For the second link, use promo code QE82G to receive the second in the series, Angel: The Awakening absolutely free! Also, these are not mini-series books or whatever they call them now, they are full length novels! (Note, you must join the site, but this is NOT a spam site, I have never received emails from them.)



Here is the cover blurb for Angel: Camden’s Journey to get you started. What do you have to lose? I promise, you will not waste your time reading these books! I’m offering the second because it is much deeper than the first!

The first in the Angel series, Angel: Camden’s Journey is a wild cross-country ride that will keep you spellbound and horrified while at the same time demonstrating the divine influence in our lives, and the power of light over darkness. At first glance, Angel is a six-foot-six, powerful, menacing biker traveling the highways of the Southwest. Maggie Munoz, along with other characters in the story, see more than his intimidating demeanor, they see answers to their prayers. When seventeen-year-old Camden James runs from an abusive father in New Jersey, he falls right into the clutches of another vile beast. But as chance would have it, after a few of life’s tough lessons and a couple of brushes with death, Camden discovers his true identity.

If you want to know more about him you can follow his Facebook page @KevinJMcArthurAuthor

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