2017 · March

Fan X 17 and my take

Hello, Readers!

I spent Friday and Saturday at our local FanX in Salt Lake City. I was super excited to be going because I’d purchased my husband a photo opportunity with one of his musical idols. As a side note, let me mention the hubby man was a DJ for many years before we got together so music is a big part of who he is now. Anyway, the person I purchased the photo op with was none other than Weird Al. I couldn’t pass it up and had to get it for him, this meant we were going to FanX when we previously had discussed not going.

I could go through a large list of where they failed a bit on the aspect of lack of seating for those that needed to rest in the hallways, the need for more tables to sit and eat at, as well as a need for a better booth layout. That is just a brief skim over the things I think they could approve on before the next one.

However, that being said. The one thing I did notice even today after all the hubbub is over. This is what sticks in my mind the most. The people I remember the most, the booths that I spent the most time in, and the ones that have left an impression on me…they weren’t the ones most would think such as celebrity interactions. That being said I won’t knock that part of it. They had a slew of incredible celebs there, but I’m talking vendor hall aspects of it here.

The booths I tended to revisit either had something completely unique about them or they weren’t sitting behind tables they were out interacting with people.

There was one booth that sold dragon eggs. Paper mache dragon eggs artfully designed. Why were these unique other than that aspect alone? One as soon as we approached her father interacted with us. He informed us that each egg came with its own unique story with it. I couldn’t resist. I was sold at that point. I picked one and the story was so cute that went with it. If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself you can find it here.

I had taken an interest in a series of books in one novel. Not because of the author. In fact, she ruined it for me, but her brother. He was the only one at the table for hours at a time. The moment we even lingered by his booth he interacted with us and talked to us in a such an animated fashion that I took an interest. He told me that if I wanted a signed book his sister would be back shortly and could do that for me. We passed by that booth twice in two hours and she was nowhere to be found. So while her brother had convinced me I needed to read these novels as they were phenomenal and he gave me the truth on which one he preferred, his sister lost the sale by never attending her own booth. (Not all impressions are good impressions, but I won’t be forgetting that booth anytime soon as it showed me what I didn’t want to do.)

Another booth that took my attention was a different book one. Instead of the normal one long table with the author and family behind it type thing they designed their booth better. They pushed the books into the booth and they stood dressed in their steampunk attire announcing the themes of the novels. They interacted with those that passed by and really drew my attention to it. Needless to say, I bought two books from them on my way out. Thank you, Utah Writer’s from Xchyler Publishing for making things memorable. I can’t wait to read your novels. If you’d love a chance to look at their work you can find them here.

Now that I’ve shown you some of the memorable ones for both good and bad reasons I better jet. It’s brunch time with the nephew to celebrate his birthday on Thursday. Remember when you’re doing these sort of things at Comic Con’s, FanX, or other events where there will be moving thousands of people about and some in costumes you’ve got to make your booth memorable in such easily distracting circumstances or face being just one of the crowd.

I know when my time comes to stand in these I will be applying the great things that stuck with me to help bring people into my area and hopefully purchase.

Remember L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Fan X 17 and my take

  1. Great post and tips. I have to check out the dragon eggs. My Granddaughter is named Daenerys (my daughter is a big GOT fan) She needs a dragon egg LOL

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