2017 · March

Laying out the outline, fish, and so much more!

Hello, Readers!

Wow, last week was a busy one for me. I have no idea what happened to my schedule then. I’ll admit to sitting in a slunk in front of the computer screen and not getting much done. It hasn’t helped that we’ve been bogged down with rain, which is common for spring, but it leaves me a bit run down.

I’m not one that enjoys being between projects at all. I spend a lot of time sitting around either watching tv or on the computer with games or youtube videos. While I know inspiration is a lucid thing and it only shows up when you do. I can’t just sit down and write about something without a plan. My brain wanders off way too much and it turns into a hot mess.

Now, after spending yesterday with the hubby man and it being an overcast day, but still fairly nice we decided to clean up the balcony of our apartment and fix the flower pots. Mind you, I’m terrible with plants. They die fast in my house and I believe the hubby man is finally done buying me flowers he knows shall die.

So, instead, he did something amazing. I’ve been known as a gnome in my family for awhile and I tend to have gnomes around me when I’m working outdoors. Granted six years ago it was in my sister’s backyard as I hung out with my best friend, but I fell in love with them even more as I worked on my first novel Creatures of the Damned.

Fast forward a few years and I bought my nephew a gnome one day after I’d gone into a slump and hadn’t been there for awhile. He texted me to tell me the garden missed me and I showed come over. So I scoured a few stores for a gnome and took it over so the garden would never miss me again. We laughed and hung out for many more weeks that summer after that.

After that, gnomes have been such a part of my life. Well, since I’m the black plague in the flower world the hubby man has brought my passion and love to life. He purchased a whole lot of gnome and fairy garden things. So instead of putting flowers into the pots, we converted the flower pots into these lovely scenes.

Wow, how the inspiration has hit me.

It was so much fun bringing these worlds to life. After spending the day around my beautiful gnome and fairy worlds (if you notice most of them are reading, which I love!!) I hung out with him watching television.

However, the moment I laid down for bed my brain ran at high speed. First, it was horrible things, my brain likes to do that, but when I could get off that it came up with a great deal of story concept for my next novel. Today will be laying that all out ready to write.

Along with tonight, we are picking up Little Man (My great nephew) to pick out new fish for our fish tank. My youngest daughter will be with us as well so I’m very excited about that.

As for where Malevolent Mind is at. My mind is completely blown at the amount of support that I have received in sales and shockingly it’s mainly coming out of paperback sales. I can’t be upset there. I’m honored really that so many of you have ordered copies of Malevolent Mind. I’m truly blessed to have so much support. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now time to whip me up some breakfast and dig into work. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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