2017 · April

Sluggishly Back to Work

Hello, Readers!

I have to admit returning to work after such a long time off from being so sick can be hard. I have a friend that once called any extensive time off from a novel as a kiss of death. It is during that time that your passion for a novel can wither and die and with it the want to write such a novel, to begin with.

There was once a time that I definitely followed this. Three days off would doom any novel I had started to work on. Lately, though, I’ve found a change in my work patterns. While yes, working on them all at once is definitely the preferred method of writing, I do find that I can take some time away, especially for sickness and return to a novel now with just as much gusto as before. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that my writing methods have changed greatly. If I start a novel I finish it.

This has been a new addition I’d say in the last six months or so. I got tired of my book graveyard being so much bigger than the ones finished. Now, if I can write ten pages of the book then I will finish the novel. Sometimes those first ten pages are the hardest part. It can be difficult to find the right spot, to begin with, though even that I’m working on improving every day.

As for Malevolent Mind, it is still out in Kindle Unlimited for free as well as on Amazon and Createspace for purchase. I will be running some marketing here in a week or two when I get everything all set to go on it. Until then, work on my next novel will continue. While handwriting definitely takes long in a lot of ways I find that I can focus better without the distraction of the internet.

Until I can share more with you, remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

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