2017 · May

Mindsets Change with Life

Hello, Readers!

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered a lot about myself. While there are times I can come up with a lot of story ideas if I do not jump on them right away to work on them I lose the frame of mind I need to be in to write them.

Now to contradict that, I don’t believe you need to sit down and write the novel right away, but I believe there is a time frame before your mindset changes. I’ve ran into this recently with my steampunk fantasy novel. I was working on compiling it and getting ready to lay down the first words.

It was consistently interrupted by matters to which I would not change, but that needed my attention. Now, as I try to sit down and work on it, my mind is no longer in the right place to do so. That often happens when there are major changes that have happened in my life. Which is what has happened to me recently. My daughter and grandson moving in along with the anticipated arrival of my second grandson has left me in a completely different state of mind.

That means that I can’t seem to get the steampunk fantasy to work for me right at this moment. I won’t give up on it, but it does change what I work on right now. I will be proceeding with the same horror novel and a different steampunk fantasy that I have plotted out and ready to go.

I know for now that I need to keep trying to plot or get the chapters I know as they come to me as quickly as possible. Having an almost two-year-old around means I have crazy hours and my time to sit down to write is limited. This by no way means that I’m giving up my dreams of writing, but rather I have to find methods that work for me now.

Now, time to sneak back in some work. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Mindsets Change with Life

  1. I’m so glad you’ve discovered this. I still feel guilty about manuscripts I haven’t completed. But things happened in my life and my mind was no longer in the place it was, leaving me unable to finish what I had been working on. I finally started writing something completely different, and though I’m close to completing the first draft of it, I still have that little piece of guilt in the back of my mind about the stuff I didn’t finish. I need to do what you have done, and realize that moving on isn’t giving up. It’s going with the flow and embracing a project that works for me at my current mindset. Thank you for this article!!!

    1. You’re welcome. It’s taken me a long time to adjust to this mindset. I still feel that little nag of guilt, but it doesn’t halt me in my tracks much like it used to. Everything around us influences creativity so why wouldn’t such changes do the same with our writing projects? I’m glad it helps and it’s great to hear you’re writing.

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