2017 · May

Creativity is a Faucet

Hello, Readers!

This is a saying I’ve heard over and over again. That creativity doesn’t flow until you start working and continue working on them. While I’m not one that believes you need to write every single day, I do get the relevance of it in conjunction with the faucet of creativity.

There isn’t one artist of any form that will tell you they can go long periods between projects and not come to their creative ‘canvas’, so to speak, and not feel rusty. That is what I’ve been battling lately. I’m ready to write. I need to write. It’s been so long that it is actually starting to make me loopy to not be putting words on paper.

I’ve been fighting myself with working out the plotting for a novel and getting it down. This is what has been working for me for awhile, and honestly, where my time is limited to write now, it would be great to know exactly what I’m going to be working on when I sit down. However, that isn’t working for me this time.

I sit down to work out a plot and my brain locks up. I spend most of my time staring at paper and documents trying to make it all work in my head. By the time I get one point down to expand on my brain has turned into such a pile of goo that I’ve wasted three hours on developing and changing the first chapter over and over again. It’s an endless cycle of not accomplishing anything.

The images and scenes that have been in my head for weeks I’ve carelessly disregarded because, gee, why should they be correct. It’s a whirlwind of second guessing myself, fear, and procrastination. Let’s face it, those last two are all part of the first one as well.

Procrastination is a huge thing for me. I talk the big talk about ‘I should be writing’, ‘I wish I was writing’, ‘I need to be writing’, ‘I want to be writing’, but everyone one of those are procrastination tactics. I mean, if I’m talking about writing and not doing it, well that isn’t getting me anywhere.

I realize these are excuses and tactics to apply a soothing balm to my writing needs. Well, if I’m talking about writing that is close enough to the actual process, right? No, it means I’m doing it all wrong.

As I can’t seem to wrap my head around plotting right now, while my writing time is so limited I’m going to pants the first draft and sort it out in the next round. This isn’t my first time of doing that so I know the sheer amount of work that is transferred from the drafting phase to the editing, but until I get a more stable routine in my life, that is the way it’ll have to be done.

I’d rather get words down on the page and sort it all out in the end than to continually keep staring at a page until I’m so frustrated with the lack of my brain power to come up with a plot. Speaking of getting words down on the page. The grandson is still sleeping for a bit so I need to get started on getting words down.

Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

3 thoughts on “Creativity is a Faucet

  1. THIS! So much this. It’s been a hellacious month for me and so ready to get back to writing. IF it weren’t for you, I would have never uncorked my faucet, but thanks to you I was able to manage more than a drip, more than a trickle, it was flowing! Felt good and I hope to continue the flow today! –

  2. I agree with you. and I have the same issue with Procrastinating. I have to get back with it myself.

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