Hello, Readers!

By this point, you’re well aware of the Writer’s Boot Camp that I’m working on. There comes a point during this that it hands you a blank one month schedule and says fill this out on what you do throughout your day. I thought about scribbling in that I write from a certain time to a certain time, but that wouldn’t be correct. It wasn’t even correct when I had fewer distractions throughout the day.

Instead, I’ve decided to be honest with that schedule. After all, how can I improve and get where I want to go if I’m not honest about where I’m at. The one thing this schedule has proved to me is that I don’t spend enough time writing. In fact, most days there isn’t a writing spot written on the calendar at all.

There is a ton of phone and Youtube on that list, though. Youtube I knew was a problem for me. Once I jump down that rabbit hole, I keep going most of the day. While logically some of you might be saying so don’t get on it, you’d be correct, except that I’ve found a lot of really great writing vlogs that I follow.

So, I’ve now reduced my Youtube love to one day on the weekend. That way if I slip down the hole of perpetual videos it’ll be less devastating to my work days. Now that I’ve figured that part out I can adjust to not necessarily fight my procrastination but work around it some.

The other time waster that I find on my schedule is my phone. I don’t mean things like Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media. No, my daughter introduced me to a war game called King of Avalon and I find myself spending way too much time on it. I enjoy the social interaction of the game and it feeds my competitive nature – probably way too much.

That is the next thing I need to work on getting under control. While it is okay to have those mental breaks, I need to keep my focus where I want and need it. Now that I can see these major time wasters so clearly I can take the steps to get them under control. Again, this Writer’s Boot Camp kit that the hubby man bought me has been invaluable for me.

Now, time to do the next day of it and get back to work. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.