Hello, Readers!

My quick decision to join the ranks of Nanoers (?), well those doing Nano has left me in a rush to get things ready for such a task. There is no doubt in my mind that I can accomplish such a feat as Camp Nano has a lot more flexible choices on what you choose to do. You can do pages, hours or words, plus several others. As usual, though, I have chosen to do words.

As an extra boost for me, I’m going to do Camp Nano in conjunction with the Writer’s Boot Camp as they have similar methods of work, which means I’ll be restarting the Boot Camp soon. That is another great benefit to this book is it has several extra pages of worksheets so that you can. Also, thanks to Rachel Federman, the creator of this amazing program, I hear there is a sequel coming out.

Oh yes, sign me up for the sequel as well. The one that I got is not only the actual Writer’s Boot Camp book, but it comes with a Writer at Work sign and 50 Creativity Drill Cards (writing prompts). I’m having so much with it. I get up at 4:30 in the morning to do my Writer’s Boot Camp and afterward, I feel energized and geared up to write more so I open my WIP and kick out some word count.

Now, though, as Camp Nano draws closer I realize I’m not quite as ready for the big push for Camp as I’ve changed projects on myself. I will come back to the one that I’ve been working on as I didn’t get too far in it. First, I need to work on the horror novel that is going through my head. It seems to be ready to come out as it occupies my mind more than anything.

So, now I’ve got to get it all ready to go come July 1st and I have a pretty busy rest of the week to get through. Today I need to run to the store and grab a few odds and ends for tomorrow. It is the hubby man’s work party and we are taking the grandbabies with us, which means we need provisions.

All of that being said, it means it’s time to dig into work. Remember all, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth having.