2017 · July

Something for Myself

Hello, Readers!

We are on day three of Camp Nano. I’d love to say I sat down and kicked out my word count easily for myself. The thing was I sat down to work on Hollow Eyes and I simply wasn’t feeling it. Each word had gotten harder and harder to write. While I haven’t given up on Hollow Eyes completely I can say I tossed out doing it for Camp Nano.

When I opened up the document to work yesterday I just couldn’t make myself do it. It felt like too much having to drag myself through it. I have been writing long enough to know there are days that take a lot of push, but without finding myself excited to work on a project, especially so early I knew I needed to change course.

So, I opened up a new document for myself and started typing out a scene that had been playing through my head for a very long time. It actually belongs to a rewrite of an earlier book. A series that I never finished. One that has been driving me crazy for years. I have this unending need to write this series in its entirety. While I’m not sure if I’ll ever release it, I do know that I need to write it and finish it for me.

That has been a major step for me in my writing career. I was going through a phase where I wrote for market or so I thought and I wrote for other people, but I never wrote for me. I haven’t for many years now. Instead, I’d tear down projects that I wanted to work on for me. They were stupid, overplayed or a billion other things I’d tell myself just so I never did it.

I’m done with all that now. If I’m not writing for me then I’m really missing out. I think all first drafts should be written for you. If there isn’t some part of you that is loving the work that you are doing than it isn’t worth doing.

Like I say, L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it). While I’ve used the words for a very long time, I think a part of me forgot what they meant to me. Now, I’m off to get some more words in, even if I’ve already clicked over the 5k that I need for the day. I just can’t help myself.

Until next time.

3 thoughts on “Something for Myself

  1. Yes! Everything you write should be for you. If it’s publishable and marketable, great. If not, at least you wrote something you love. If you don’t love what you’re writing, what’s the point in doing it anyway?

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