2017 · July

Lost My Way

Hello, Readers!

I was fully prepared to take my life back the last time I wrote a blog. Somehow, though, I lost my way. It became easier to give up among all the things my personal life needed me to do. Time passed by so quickly and so unproductively. More and more time was spent on a phone game and less time was spent in reality. It was a terrible feeling. I’d go to bed feeling like I’d wasted an entire day. If that wasn’t enough, I’d get up the next day and I repeat it all over again.

After awhile, I gave up on Camp Nano, ‘I haven’t prepared anyway’ and ‘July is my busiest month of the year’. These were all excuses I allowed to take over. It took until now, days before my birthday, to realize how wrong I’d been. There was always time, but I was misusing my time. While I agree I could have been more prepared for Camp Nano, I also know that if I truly wanted to make it happen it would have.

Now, I’ve managed to write twenty-five thousand words in two days before, I could still salvage this Nano experience. However, it leaves my hands crippled for weeks afterward, which I consider counterproductive to my long term goals. So, instead, I will work on my writing every day for me. If I do this then I will consider the last bit of the month a personal win.

Here is hoping that I can stick to my plans. If nothing else, I’m aware of my short comings when it comes to time management and I will be working on spending my time on reaching my goals more. Today will be spent constructing the plot line for ‘Hollow Eyes’ (temp title holder) and possibly starting on the first chapter.

Until next time, Readers. Remember to L.O.L. (Live it, Own it, Love it) or it isn’t worth doing.

3 thoughts on “Lost My Way

  1. Sometimes life comes in like a wrecking ball. At least you are trying harder than I am. I feel like I’ve just given up.

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